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Senior Content Analyst at Capterra, helping SMEs choose the best software. Published in Raconteur, Computer Weekly and IT Pro. Journalist and PR. Nature, bike and dog lover.

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South African SMEs embrace digitalisation: 47% say that digital engagement with customers has improved 

Published on 2021/01/18 by Sonia Navarrete

In just a matter of months, the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world at the speed of light. Most businesses weren’t prepared and were forced to adapt to extraordinary challenges in order to continue with business operations –whilst battling to stay afloat. In South Africa, many businesses have opted for mass work-from-ho... Continue Reading


COVID-19 drives eCommerce in South Africa ahead of festive season

Published on 2020/11/11 by Sonia Navarrete

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to take a serious toll on shopper behaviour not only from a decline in spending but also in how they shop. With social distancing restrictions, a possible second wave of infections, and adaptations to new lifestyles, the crisis is driving more traffic to South African eCommerce... Continue Reading