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Alma builds critical SIS tooling that significantly improves K-12 school operations and empowers educators to foster better student outcomes, so we can help you create the greatest generation of educators, so that they can create the greatest generation of students. Read more about Alma SIS
Power your school management and daily operations from anywhere with PowerSchool SIS solution. Depend on a modern, easy-to-use, always-available SIS to improve daily operations, boost administration productivity, identify problem areas, enhance communication, and ensure funding with easy reporting. Read more about PowerSchool SIS
Track student details regarding fees, attendance, performance, and more all from Teachmint’s Student Information System! Read more about Teachmint
Schoolbox is self or cloud-hosted and provides industry-leading integrations with notable student information systems, for a seamless flow of data across your systems. Read more about Schoolbox
Kinderpedia empowers teachers and managers with the tools to create a fully functional virtual school. Meaning that they can mark attendance, host online classes, grade the students and so many more! Read more about KINDERPEDIA
DreamApply has proven to improve the efficiency of your processes and increase conversion rates, allowing you to meet your strategic targets. We are powering over 300 education institutions in 40 countries worldwide that are processing over 500,000 student applications annually. Read more about DreamApply
Teach 'n Go is a modern, intuitive, powerful school management system for learning centres and education businesses. It is designed to help educational institutions of all sizes manage scheduling, attendance, billing and payments, student data and much more. Read more about Teach n Go
Vidyalaya School Management Software is a leading school management system provider in India having huge experience in providing great school ERP services. Read more about Vidyalaya School Software
Fusion caters to businesses of all sizes and industries, including manufacturing, retail, transportation, energy, and education. The software helps users manage inventory, accounting, and reporting processes. Read more about Fusion
Total Drive is a dedicated app for driving instructors and their pupils. Manage lessons through the diary, recording each pupils progress, payments, reflective logs and driving details. Read more about Total Drive
An SIS system that takes care of the complete student lifecycle. Creatrix SIS enables 24*7 student-faculty collaboration anytime anywhere on any device, gives a 360 degrees student profile, has self-service functionalities, student advising, mentoring, with notification features. Read more about Creatrix Campus
Campus Cafe is a web based campus management solution that manages admissions, registration, student services and finance management features in a single platform. Read more about Campus Cafe
Maestro SIS is a cloud-based school management solution, which helps small to large educational institutions manage administration, teachers, students, and more. The platform allows organizations to streamline the entire student lifecycle, from tracking leads to enrollment management. Read more about MAESTRO SIS
Academia Student Information System (SIS) simplifies student enrollment, admissions, student lifecycle management, and alumni management. It is a highly secure, centralized data repository with personal and academic information of the student, supporting key operations and decisions around students. Read more about ACADEMIA ERP / SIS
EduHappy is a learning management system (LMS) designed specifically to cover all school learning & education processes across multiple schools and curriculum. It has virtual classrooms for online meetings and video conference. Read more about EDUHAPPY
DaySchool is a cloud-based school administration solution designed to help small and midsize private schools automate processes related to contact management, parent communication, and enrollment tracking. Read more about DaySchool
ClassManager is a cloud-based or on-premise software program that allows school administrators to organize and access information pertaining to their students. ClassManager can generate reports on individual attendance as well as new registrations generated from advertising, referrals, and Web lookups. It also produces reports that track the... Read more about ClassManager
EMPOWER is a student information system which offers recruiting, admissions, billing, reporting and alumni development features for academic management Read more about EMPOWER SIS
SEDUCA is a next generation Learning Management System. It is web-based, 100% online 24/7, developed in compliance with the standards and best practices of the market in terms of security and infrastructure, and oriented to K-12 schools. Read more about SEDUCA
MNprogram is a cloud-based system designed to help businesses in legal, medical, healthcare, and other industries manage sales, customers, billing, accounting, and more. It enables supervisors to automate employee scheduling, run marketing campaigns, and store documents in a centralized repository. Read more about MNprogram
OpenEduCat is an open-source school management solution that helps educational institutions manage engagement, communication, and collaboration with students, teachers, and staff members. The course management tool lets users plan curriculum, transcripts, exam schedules, course hierarchies, and more Read more about OpenEduCat
Providing a complete resource planning solution for students and faculty. Simplifying drastically back-office management for higher education, vocational and enrichment schools and online education providers. Read more about Alemira
MyClassboard is a SaaS-based school management software solution featuring modules spanning administration, fee collection, messaging, academic grading and more Read more about MyClassboard
TINgr is a cloud-based childcare software specifically designed for educators and parents. Read more about TINgr
Ciudad Educativa is a learning management system designed to help businesses in the government and education sectors connect with students and manage virtual education. The platform enables managers to generate demographic and academic reports comprising students' enrollment information. Read more about Ciudad Educativa
Cloud School is a management information system (MIS) designed to help multi-academy trusts manage various administrative operations including student registration, attendance tracking, online assessment, reporting, and more. Read more about Cloud School
Edumarshal is an ERP software, which helps educational institutions manage classes, administrative activities, and communication with parents, teachers, and students. Users can conduct custom assessments to evaluate the performance of students using ICSE, GPA, CCE, and other grading systems. Read more about Edumarshal
TeacherStudio is an app for teachers that provides various features to help streamline everyday schoolwork. In addition to an integrated timetable and calendar, there are options for grading, lesson planning checklists, student administration, and contact storage information. Read more about TeacherStudio
StudentTrac is a cloud-based, centralized student information system for K-12 schools. Read more about StudentTrac
Software inspired by school boards We understand the day-to-day challenges faced by schools and boards. Our student information system was inspired by school boards to keep your organization informed, efficient, and ready to deliver an enhanced learning experience. Read more about Edsembli | SIS
Sonia is an institutional-based solution that assists academic institutions in creating efficient placement programs by relieving administrative burden for staff, students, and site contacts through intelligent workflows and comprehensive placement management. Read more about Sonia
eMada is a cloud-based SIS by Human Logic for seamless and comprehensive higher education lifecycle management. It helps universities and colleges manage their academic and administration needs with complete ease, from admission, registration, and academic advising to graduation. Read more about eMada
Flup integrates communication, educational processes, online classes, and school accounting in one place. It uses the Flup app to facilitate contact between teachers, students, and parents. At the same time, it serves as a platform for information exchange via access to the cloud. Read more about Flup
Genius Education is a student information system (SIS) designed to help educational institutions manage online registrations, tuition contracts, staff schedules, course enrollments, transportation processes, academics, and more from within a unified platform. Teachers can customize scholarship and tuition decisions at the family, grade, or... Read more about Genius Education
e-School ERP helps your school to transform your manual school into a complete digital school by providing the ultimate school automation ERP software application... Read more about e-School ERP
SHAMS is (SMS) the ultimate student information and learning management system for schools which includes features such as fully customized, simple integration with data backup and third-party software with powerful support. Read more about SHAMS
Use PowerSchool eSchoolPlus SIS to easily track student demographics, attendance, and grades, keep up with compliance reporting, and more. Read more about PowerSchool eSchoolPlus SIS
Whally is a school management and accounting platform that helps educational institutions handle student records, parent communications, payments, and more. It streamlines check-in and check-out processes, allowing users to track student whereabouts throughout the day. Read more about Whally
MasterSoft Student Information System is a SIS solution that helps organizations manage leads, handle admissions, track student records, set up virtual classrooms, and conduct online exams from within a unified platform. Read more about MasterSoft Student Information System

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