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EduHappy is a learning management system (LMS) designed specifically to cover all school learning & education processes across multiple schools and curriculum. It has virtual classrooms for online meetings and video conference. Read more about EDUHAPPY
CLASSTRACK.COM is a cloud-based classroom management solution and LMS (learning management system) for educational institutions. The platform provides tools for managing students, teachers, assessments, attendance, documents, certifications, courses, and more. Read more about ClassTrack
Veracross Academics provides schools with a complete solution for managing all aspects of students' academic and student lives Read more about Veracross
DaySchool is a cloud-based school administration solution designed to help small and midsize private schools automate processes related to contact management, parent communication, and enrollment tracking. Read more about DaySchool
SEQTA is the world's leading student wellbeing and visible learning platform Read more about SEQTA
ClassManager is a cloud-based or on-premise software program that allows school administrators to organize and access information pertaining to their students. ClassManager can generate reports on individual attendance as well as new registrations generated from advertising, referrals, and Web lookups. It also produces reports that track the... Read more about ClassManager
The Edsun platform combines many solutions all wrapped up into one. Some functionalities include a scheduler, registrations, statistics, and video calls and more. Read more about Edsun
EMPOWER is a student information system which offers recruiting, admissions, billing, reporting and alumni development features for academic management Read more about EMPOWER SIS
Comprehensive, flexible, secure & single-database MarkersPro SIS that scales for your district! MarkersPro is a cloud-based K-12 student information system software that was specifically created to help schools strike a perfect balance of features, cost, customization, and ease of use. Read more about MarkersPro
SmartClass is a cloud-based school information and management system for K-12 institutions and other educational establishments. The platform offers a range of integrated modules for enrollment, skills assessment, scheduling, document management, email tracking, workflow management, and more. Read more about SmartClass
SEDUCA is a next generation Learning Management System. It is web-based, 100% online 24/7, developed in compliance with the standards and best practices of the market in terms of security and infrastructure, and oriented to K-12 schools. Read more about SEDUCA
EMS (Education Management Software) for the complete management of schools, universities or entities providing education or training. Read more about SOFTAULA Education Cloud is a web-based customer relationship management software designed to help educational institutions drive student success across the entire lifecycle from prospect to alum. The platform lets schools, colleges, and universities create a 360-degree view of their students by integrating data across various student... Read more about Education Cloud
MNprogram is a cloud-based system designed to help businesses in legal, medical, healthcare, and other industries manage sales, customers, billing, accounting, and more. It enables supervisors to automate employee scheduling, run marketing campaigns, and store documents in a centralized repository. Read more about MNprogram
Edvance connects teachers, administrators and the home. Our software is designed to support today’s best practices and tomorrow’s new ideas. We strongly believe that the educational goals that you develop should not have to bend to the limitations of any particular software system. Read more about Edvance
Chronicle Cloud is a classroom and teaching management application built for teachers by teachers. Chronicle Cloud supports teachers with note-taking (anecdotal and/or conferring ), formative assessments, team teaching, managing groups, optimizing assessment data, and much more. Read more about Chronicle Cloud
NTC Eduware SIS is a complete cloud-based school management and information system that embeds all the features required to streamline operational processes. Designed for small and big schools, the SIS makes it easy to provide parents with real-time access to children's data through their mobile devices. An intuitive dashboard is designed to make... Read more about NTC Eduware School Information System
InventtEd is an AI platform that helps educational institutions manage students, teachers, and parents. Read more about InventtEd
OpenEduCat is an open-source school management solution that helps educational institutions manage engagement, communication, and collaboration with students, teachers, and staff members. The course management tool lets users plan curriculum, transcripts, exam schedules, course hierarchies, and more Read more about OpenEduCat
Providing a complete resource planning solution for students and faculty. Simplifying drastically back-office management for higher education, vocational and enrichment schools and online education providers. Read more about Alemira
Wen-GAGE is a student information software designed to help educational institutions manage class scheduling, accounting, grading, payroll, and attendance. The platform enables managers to track student IDs from headcount to course registration, manage payroll by department, and pay employees and contractors using a centralized dashboard. Read more about Wen-GAGE
MyClassboard is a SaaS-based school management software solution featuring modules spanning administration, fee collection, messaging, academic grading and more Read more about MyClassboard
Educate SIS is a student information system designed to help private and independent schools manage admissions, parent communications, grades, payments, donors’ records, and reports. Administrators can utilize the cloud-based application to track data about faculty and students including attendance and cafeteria sales on a centralized interface. Read more about Educate SIS
aXcelerate allows training organisations to manage their entire business with our integrated Student Management System and Learning Management System – a true one system solution. Why pay for multiple systems when you could have it all with just one? Read more about Axcelerate
TINgr is a cloud-based childcare software specifically designed for educators and parents. Read more about TINgr
Sycamore Campus is a school management software that helps non-traditional higher educational programs handle various administrative operations related to attendance tracking, student enrollments, and curriculum designing, among other processes. Read more about Sycamore Campus
Educore is a learning management system for schools, daycare centers, nurseries, early learning centers, primary schools, and early intervention centers. The school management application serves as a parent portal for parents and as a school accounting, school attendance, and HR system for employees. Read more about Educore
Eduframe is a SIS and eCommerce solution for continuing education in Canvas. It uniquely integrates with Canvas and offers an open API to connect with the likes of Salesforce, Wordpress, payment service providers, reporting software (PowerBI), and accounting software. Read more about Eduframe
Ciudad Educativa is a learning management system designed to help businesses in the government and education sectors connect with students and manage virtual education. The platform enables managers to generate demographic and academic reports comprising students' enrollment information. Read more about Ciudad Educativa
Blackbaud's SIS enables K12 private schools and higher education institutions to manage student records and data from one central location—and in real time. Cloud-based SIS software for school personnel gives users access to essential information about students, educators, and parents/guardians. Read more about Blackbaud Student Information System
Free education management system for schools, parents, teachers and students. Cloud based school ERP with attendance management, transportation management, bus tracker, fee management, student management, assignment/homework management, staff management, student management, and more. Read more about Education Progress Tracker
RIO Education is a cloud-based student information system that helps educational institutions manage course enrollments, faculty interactions, and administrative processes. It enables students to review ongoing programs with details including course ID, name, campus location, and enrollment status. Read more about RIO Education
Cloud School is a management information system (MIS) designed to help multi-academy trusts manage various administrative operations including student registration, attendance tracking, online assessment, reporting, and more. Read more about Cloud School
Edumarshal is an ERP software, which helps educational institutions manage classes, administrative activities, and communication with parents, teachers, and students. Users can conduct custom assessments to evaluate the performance of students using ICSE, GPA, CCE, and other grading systems. Read more about Edumarshal
MilGrasp is a cloud-based school management system designed to help educational institutions handle online classrooms, assessments, timetables, staff members, meeting schedules, and more on a centralized platform. Administrators can gain insights into students' performance. Read more about MilGrasp
School pathways is a student information system designed for students and teachers, which provides a personalized learning system. The solution helps users create personalized curriculum and meet the requirements of students through features including individualized lesson plans. Read more about School Pathways
e-IEP PRO is a web-based student information system (SIS) designed to help local education agencies (LEAs) and school districts manage special education processes, student data, referral forms, assessments, evaluations, and more in compliance with state or federal requirements. Read more about e-IEP PRO
TeacherStudio is an app for teachers that provides various features to help streamline everyday schoolwork. In addition to an integrated timetable and calendar, there are options for grading, lesson planning checklists, student administration, and contact storage information. Read more about TeacherStudio
StudentTrac is a cloud-based, centralized student information system for K-12 schools. Read more about StudentTrac
Software inspired by school boards We understand the day-to-day challenges faced by schools and boards. Our student information system was inspired by school boards to keep your organization informed, efficient, and ready to deliver an enhanced learning experience. Read more about Edsembli | SIS
Sonia is an institutional-based solution that assists academic institutions in creating efficient placement programs by relieving administrative burden for staff, students, and site contacts through intelligent workflows and comprehensive placement management. Read more about Sonia
EdOptim is a web-based school management software designed to help educational institutions of all sizes handle parent-teacher communication, student information, learning management, and reputation. It lets parents receive various announcements, lessons, assignments, messages, and other multimedia content. Read more about EdOptim
Eventifica is a school management platform that allows users to send announcements, post activities and events, confirm sports schedules, upload the camp photo album or share the dining room menu. Read more about Eventifica
eMada is a cloud-based SIS by Human Logic for seamless and comprehensive higher education lifecycle management. It helps universities and colleges manage their academic and administration needs with complete ease, from admission, registration, and academic advising to graduation. Read more about eMada
With the aid of excellent modules, school management software covers every aspect that businesses need to effectively manage all of the operations of the school. NLET School Management helps reduce the workload of teachers and administrators so they can focus more on other productive activities such as enhancing students' learning ability. Read more about NLET School Management
EDUXE is a cloud-based school management system that brings educational institutions, parents, and students closer together through a direct communication channel, automates processes, prepares progress reports to assist decision making, and helps manage financials. Read more about Eduxe
EduCloud is an ERP and LMS for educational institutes of all sizes. It enables schools, colleges, and institutes to digitize their day-to-day operations. Read more about EduCloud
eSkilled SMS and LMS is a complete RTO management tool that will help your RTO enrol students, organise training schedules, manage assessments, track and report on progress and issue certificates to students all in one fully integrated system. Read more about eSkilled
Flup integrates communication, educational processes, online classes, and school accounting in one place. It uses the Flup app to facilitate contact between teachers, students, and parents. At the same time, it serves as a platform for information exchange via access to the cloud. Read more about Flup

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