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Connect data. Get insights.
SumAll is committed to bringing you the full power of your data by connecting it. Democratize your information by making it engrossing, affordable, and accessible so business operators can start turning their data into dollars. Read more about SumAll
SEO performance tracking & SEO suite
SEO tools that make improving your website's ranking an enjoyable experience. Monitor daily changes, measure SEO performance & improve rankings with simplicity Read more about Positionly
Cloud-based local marketing platform for small businesses
Surefire Local is a cloud-based digital marketing solution designed to help local businesses manage digital marketing campaigns, online reviews, and customer communications. Key features include lead management, email marketing, search tools, reputation management, content marketing, and more. Read more about Surefire Local
Business intelligence for eCommerce
Haliante is a cloud-based Italian-language business intelligence (BI) platform for eCommerce businesses that analyzes real-time data on orders, customers, products, and profits. The software works with a variety of eCommerce solutions including Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, and PrestaShop. Read more about Haliante
Mobile Reporting and Analytics App
Roambi re-designs the way users interact with, share, and present data from a completely mobile perspective. Transform data from any source into stunning, interactive, mobile-first visualizations that provide information to everyone in the moments they need it, on the devices they use the most. Read more about SAP Roambi
Cross device and predictive digital analytics solution
AT Internet's web analytics solution helps companies measure their audience and optimise their digital performance across all marketing channels. It is used on more than 20,000 sites & mobile apps around the world. Created in 1996, AT Internet is one of the world’s leaders in digital analytics. Read more about AT Internet Web Analytics
Create seamless user experiences that drive ROI
AB Tasty is the fastest-growing provider of AI-powered experimentation & personalization, helping businesses drive more conversions and revenue on all their digital assets. Turn website visitors into customers, subscribers or leads, while delivering outstanding user experiences. Read more about AB Tasty
Make Search Work
Botify is the first unified suite of applications assisting enterprise SEO stakeholders in each phase of the organic search process including technical SEO, content and real keywords. Read more about Botify
Attribution tool for maximization of marketing ROI
Marketing analytics suite for managing channel attribution, understanding multi touch journeys & maximizing ROI of online campaigns. The application enables marketers to identify underperforming campaigns, manage advertising budgets, and track multiple marketing channels via a unified platform. Read more about Roivenue
Data management platform for marketing
Oracle BlueKai is a cloud-based big data platform which enables marketing organizations to personalize online, offline, and mobile marketing campaigns with richer and more actionable information about targeted audiences. Read more about Oracle Data Management Platform
Webtrends transforms digital experiences
Webtrends is a web and mobile analytics and a website monitoring software that in depth real-time website reports, trends, traffic source analysis and visitor assessment through the one Webtrends dashboard. Webtrends offer an array of tools and solutions to help you get the best out of your websites online performance and identifies key metrics... Read more about Webtrends
Europe's Independent Premium Customer Analytics Platform
Webtrekk is a digital intelligence and marketing analytics software that gives you complete control over your online digital marketing reports and portfolio. Webtrekk provides valuable insights and KPI's needed to help maximize your enterprises online performances and business development potential, along with search engine optimization and online... Read more about Webtrekk
FREE AdWords PPC Software
adCore is a leading advertising technology platform, providing automated solutions for day-to-day Search Engine Marketing tasks. Read more about adCore
Multi-channel analytics & engagement platform
Xtremepush is a multi-channel marketing automation platform, enabling enterprise brands to deliver personalised customer connections at scale Read more about Xtremepush
Call tracking & marketing attribution software
Ruler Analytics is a marketing attribution software which enables SMBs to track calls & forms & so gain accurate insight into the impact of marketing campaigns Read more about Ruler Analytics
Web analytics with IP address lookup and location API
ipapi provides an API for IP address geolocation for business websites and mobile apps, serving as a comprehensive service to lookup info for an ip address Read more about ipapi
Marketing campaign optimization
Funnelll is a web-based marketing solution designed to help marketers track customer activity on business websites and run advertising campaigns to drive lead conversions. It provides heatmaps, and lets users view client session recordings in order to analyze and optimize the customer experience. Read more about Funnelll
Userflow lets your whole team build in-app tours and surveys
The fastest way to fast user onboarding Userflow is the fastest and most user-friendly product tour and survey builder on the market. Read more about Userflow
Realtime analytics and insights for online publishers
Chartbeat is a suite of content analytics tools for publishers that lets you easily track reader engagement on your site, optimize your user experience in real-time, and share key metrics with your team. Read more about Chartbeat
All-in-One Marketing Solution
Ptengine is a complete marketing and analytics platform. We help you to truly understand your users and take actions by personalizing content and run A/B-tests. It's free to get started and ready to go in a few minutes. Read more about Ptengine
Analyze user reviews and ratings across global app stores
Applause Mobile Sentiment Analysis provides software tools for crawling leading global app stores to score and transform user reviews into actionable insights Read more about Applause
Performance analysis for eCommerce websites
siteAnalyser is a free dashboard for eCommerce websites to track their website visitors, analyse site performance, and identify lost conversions opportunities Read more about cloud.IQ
Free contact form to increase your conversion rate
ManyContacts is an attention-grabbing contact form sitting on top of your website that helps to increase conversion rate by converting visitors into leads. It helps e-Commerce owners to sell more products, Freelancers & Small business to get more leads and Bloggers to grow their email lists. Read more about ManyContacts
The tool you need to deliver remarkable customer experiences
There's a whole world of user behavior out there. Discover it for yourself. It's time to step into your customers' shoes. Our technology empowers optimization. Read more about Decibel Insight
Lead generation & website visitor tracking
Lumio provides website owners with insight into which companies are visiting their site, how often they visit, and what they do, enabling them to turn anonymous traffic into complete company profiles, increase conversion rates and improve marketing campaigns with targeted ads Read more about Lumio
Product experience analysis platform
Gainsight PX is a cloud-based product experience platform designed to help businesses of all sizes analyze user experience (UX) and develop product adoption strategies for customers. Key features include feedback collection, audience segmentation, user retention metrics, and reporting. Read more about Gainsight PX
Campaign management solution for businesses is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses track the performance of marketing campaigns and manage visitor traffic in real-time. Key features include lead generation, customizable branding, status mapping, ad serving, user group management, link building, and reporting. Read more about
Online business & location intelligence solution
SpatialKey is a saas based next generation business & location intelligence solution. With it users can visualize, analyze and map business and operational or event based information interactively and share their data and work in interactive form with others. It takes only minutes to set up and learn. Read more about SpatialKey
PPC campaign building and management
WordStream for PPC is a robust platform for managing pay-per-click marketing efforts involving large numbers of keywords. WordStream turns your private keyword data into profit-driving PPC campaigns. Read more about Keyword Management for PPC
Automated customer acquisition and website behavior software
Leveraging our exclusive “Exit-Intent” technology, Bounce Exchange™ is leading the paradigm shift in automated customer acquisition. How Does Our Patented "Exit-Intent” Technology Work? Read more about BounceX
Website heatmaps & real time analytics
SeeVolution is an in-page web analytics platform that is built around real time analytics, website heatmaps and plug-ins with content management solutions. Read more about SeeVolution
App SEO & competitive intelligence
SearchMan is an app store SEO analytics and competitive intelligence software that crawls data from over 1, 500, 000 apps, 1, 000, 000 keywords across both iOS and Android platforms. The software provides you with actionable data on all your apps, as well as those of your competitors. Read more about SearchMan
Online consumer intelligence
Hitwise® is a digital marketing and predictive analytics platform launched to give you in-depth insights into your digital marketing and website performances. By utilizing unique search engine marketing and optimization tools, Hitwise® provides you with key online audience metrics that prove valuable for retargeting campaigns and general online... Read more about Hitwise
Real-time analytics - Drive engagement and digital revenue
Cxense Insight shows you how users consume content on your site in real time so you can provide a better user experience and drive higher digital revenue. Read more about Cxense
User lifecycle management platform
Upsight identifies the key metrics to help you optimize your social experience. Unlike typical Web analytics, our platform gives you deep insights into how customers connect and interact inside your Facebook apps, letting you make adjustments in real time. Read more about UPSIGHT
Google Analytics reporting tool for businesses & advertisers
EmbeddedAnalytics is a web-based software that helps marketing agencies to create and embed Google Analytics dashboards and charts into client websites Read more about EmbeddedAnalytics
Analytic Click tracking and URL Management platform
Taveo is a powerful, easy to use click tracking and link management platform. We analyze and monitor links you publish throughout the web. Read more about Taveo
Marketing intelligence, analytics, reporting, and dashboards
Beckon is an omnichannel marketing analytics and reporting platform offering performance scorecards, custom KPI comparisons, real-time dashboards, and more Read more about Beckon
Web based market intelligence solution for mobile apps
Apptopia is a web tool for mobile app developers and service providers to monitor competitor performance and identify consumer trends Read more about Apptopia
Marketing metric tools for optimizing eCommerce experiences
FoxMetrics is an eCommerce marketing product suite spanning shopping cart recovery, customer personalization, surveying and analytics for boosting conversions Read more about FoxMetrics
Marketing automation with machine learning
IdealPath is an extremely easy to use landing page creator built for small business owners who are cost and time sensitive. IdealPath's landing page creator employs proven web templates that are customizable without the need for design or development support. Read more about IdealPath
All-in-one conversion tracking software
Leadtosale is an all-in-one conversion tracking platform which enables users to connect leads, phone calls and sales to their digital advertising & acquisition. Track every lead back to its source, and link all data by connecting to a CRM, accounting, or POS system to maximize online marketing ROI. Read more about Leadtosale
Customer Journey Mapping tool with zone location tracking
Jogogo is a web-based customer journey and analytics solution for businesses of all sizes that assists brick and mortar shops with a customers' buying experience with features such as location tracking, customer timeslines, customer profiles, bounce rate calculations, and a real-time data platform. Read more about Jogogo
Website Management & Web Governance Software
Monsido’s easy-to-use website management tool automates finding and fixing accessibility, content, branding and style, compliance, SEO, privacy, and speed issues. Read more about Monsido
Website and application performance optimization tools
Blue Triangle is a suite of website optimization tools designed to help businesses in retail, aviation, banking, hospitality, media, and other sectors analyze digital experiences across applications and monitor website performance in real-time. Read more about Blue Triangle
Real-time web analytics software
Clicky is a cloud-based web analytics software that helps businesses track, analyze, and report on website traffic in real-time. Features include data export, alerts, heatmaps, path analysis, campaign tracking, engagement reporting, and multiple user accounts. Read more about Clicky
Algorithmic TV & Radio attribution for marketing teams
TV & Radio Attribution by Quality Analytics measures ad performance for offline campaigns and provides detailed visualizations. It can integrate with Google Analytics and simultaneously measure multiple campaigns. Marketing teams can attribute past campaigns and plan for future media schedules. Read more about TV & Radio Attribution
Website builder & sales funnel management for small business is a cloud-based growth platform designed to help small enterprises set up an online business using CRM, website building, eCommerce, payment processing, and various other features. Read more about
Software for real-time visitor tracking & activity reporting
Opentracker software is a tool for recording website or app visitors and activities in real-time. It provides a clear picture of what is happening on a website or app. Reports are continuously updated and users receive leads to help improve conversion rates. Read more about Opentracker