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Plug & play community and forum software
PeerBoard offers a powerful community platform that is extremely easy to set up and has all the tools you need to gather, manage, and engage your community. It is an extendable and completely Whitelabel solution that could be adjusted to your business requirements. Read more about PeerBoard
Gym & fitness club management and billing software
iGo Figure is a member management software for use in gyms, health clubs, fitness and yoga studios, martial arts schools, and more Read more about iGo Figure
Membership management software for large associations
Aptify is a membership management software designed to help professional, philanthropic, and trade associations, labor unions, and international organizations engage with members and store financial information in a centralized database. Read more about Aptify
Leisure facility & membership management software
Gladstone360 is an all-in-one leisure and membership management software for leisure and sports clubs, which offers tools for managing members, marketing, scheduling, payment processing, administration, facilities, and more. The web tool aims to provide a 360 view of the business from any device. Read more about Gladstone360
Association management solution for businesses of all sizes
xCatalyst is a cloud-based association management solution designed to help small to large organizations manage memberships, including profiles, enrollments, renewals, payments and virtual events, courses and meetings online via xCatalyst LMS and our Zoom™, GoToTraining™ and other API Integrations. Read more about xCatalyst
Membership management and payment processing for any club.
Coacha is a cloud-based sports club management solution that enables coaches and managers to manage finances, track attendance, store member data, manage memberships, send broadcasts, and more. It offers Android and iOS mobile apps for on-the-go tracking and management. Read more about Coacha
Engagement solution for members, customers, and employees
PeopleVine is a cloud-based marketing & engagement solution that helps businesses to engage employees, members and customers across their workspaces, loyalty programs, member organizations, and more. Engagement data is tied back to CRM records, enabling the development of personalized relationships. Read more about PeopleVine
Membership management for trade & professional associations
MemberMax is a cloud-based solution, which assists trade and professional associations with membership and conference management. Key features include visitor registration, search functionality, content management, a contact database, accounting, audit trails, and reporting. Read more about MemberMax
Centralized membership management and content creation tools
AMO is a centralized membership management system for SMBs, associations and non-profits, offering an all-in-one solution with website creation and reporting Read more about AMO
Club management solution for health & fitness centers
FitnessForce is a club management solution that assists health, fitness, and recreation centers streamline various administrative processes related to client memberships, appointments, and more. Key features include a self-service portal, reminders, reporting, feedback collection, and invoicing. Read more about FitnessForce
An end-to-end customer retention platform for businesses
TADA provides an end-to-end customer retention platform for businesses to accelerate growth, improve sustainability, and maximize Customer Lifetime Value through smart assessment and consultation of your business. We can help your business to improve sustainability by retaining your customer better. Read more about TADA
Membership and subscription management
aMember Pro is a membership and subscription management tool that helps businesses process subscription payments, manage customer profiles, deliver digital content, synchronize with blogs or forums, and run affiliate programs. Read more about aMember Pro
Mobile engagement platform for organizations
GroupFire is a mobile engagement platform designed to help organizations streamline & manage member communication & event calendars online from a single location with features such as messaging, group spaces, a central directory, updates feed, video library, email templates, & more Read more about GroupFire
Community, member, and engagement management software
Open Social helps organizations create, deploy, and manage online spaces to streamline communication, collaboration, and engagement operations. The white-labeling capabilities lets users personalize the platform with custom colors, images, taxonomies, header and footer menus, and other elements. Read more about Open Social
Membership management for holiday resorts
Membroz is a membership management solution which provides a way for resorts to manage membership plans with payment terms and usage terms settings Read more about Membroz
Alumni management solution for organizations
Aluminate Community Builder is a cloud-based alumni management solution that helps organizations streamline processes for managing memberships, recruitment, event planning and more. Users can create profiles with information such as name, contact details, biography, employment history, and skills. Read more about Aluminati
Communication & membership management software for teams
Klublr helps sports organizations manage memberships, engage with members via emails, text messages, Whatsapp, Messenger or push notifications, and sort teams using custom labels. The centralized calendar lets users organize matches, practices, and other events, send invites, and collect RSVPs. Read more about Klublr
Sports centre management software
Resawod simplifies the management of your sports centre and improves the experience of your customers, from the moment they find your sports centre until their next visit. Improve your management with activity scheduling, user and membership management, and more. Schedule your demo for free. Read more about Resawod
Membership management & community engagement platform
MemberNova is an integrated membership management & community engagement platform designed to help associations increase engagement, PR & achieve growth with centralized services such as membership, content & communication management, & more Read more about MemberNova
Custom membership websites
MemberDev helps plan, develop & launch an all-in-one, custom membership platform for high performance subscription businesses including websites, apps & portals Read more about MemberDev
Let's Build Your Membership Together!
MTP streamlines union dues and financial tracking, member tracking, membership management and apprentice and training tracking. MTP has a robust CRM system to communicate with your union’s members including text messages, robo-calls and emails tracked directly in MTPs dashboard and a handy MTP App. Read more about Membership Tracking Program (MTP)
Cloud-based activity & participant management
ACTIVE Network is on a mission to make the world a more ACTIVE place. With deep expertise in Activity and Participant Management™, ACTIVE Works® cloud technology helps organizers transform and grow their businesses, get participants, manage their activities and build communities. Read more about ACTIVE Network
Church management solution for churches and ministries
Connection Card is a cloud-based church management solution, which assists churches and ministries of all sizes with attendance tracking and visitor database creation. Key features include bar code scanning, online payments, expense tracking, volunteer management, event registration, and scheduling. Read more about Connection Card
Membership management software for clubs and associations is designed to help dance schools, sports clubs, and other associations manage members, payments, classes, schedules, discounts, and more. The platform includes an advice module, which enables teachers to suggest suitable courses and notify members about registrations via emails. Read more about Ledenbeheer
Campus engagement software
CampusGroups is a cloud-based community engagement software designed to help small to large higher education institutions create and manage communities. The platform enables organizations to handle student organizations, teams, departments, and other groups using different modules. Read more about CampusGroups
Website and member management software for associations
Engage AMS is a website & member management software which helps small to medium-sized businesses manage and improve the administrative efficiency of their member-based organization with an integrated CMS, member and event management tools, triggered communications, online payments, and more Read more about Engage AMS
Control and track access to your club or organization
SpeedIn is a check-in app which enables clubs, non-profits & associations to control access to their club by day or event with features like barcode or RFID scanners, search functionality, member metrics, & more. SpeedIn allows users to check-in & verify members & their families at the club entrance Read more about SpeedIn
Club management solution for sports centers, gyms & studios
Club Management System is a cloud-based club management solution designed to help sports centers, gyms, and business clubs manage registrations and memberships. Key features include invoicing, file storage, financial analysis, barcode scanning, signature capture, email notifications, and reporting. Read more about Club Management System
Enhanced iMIS software for non-profits & associations
AMPAC is a complete iMIS software designed for non-profits and associations, with tools for membership management, meeting planning, Call for Papers management, and appointment scheduling. The modular-based system aims to provide a full engagement management system for member relations. Read more about AMPAC
Membership management software for sports & fitness centers
SPORTRICK is a cloud-based business management software designed to help sports centers and fitness clubs handle various administrative operations, such as class bookings, memberships, payment processing, data analysis, and more. Instructors can view and update upcoming schedule on a calendar. Read more about SPORTRICK
Association management software built on Salesforce CRM
Nimble AMS, built on Salesforce CRM, is a cloud-based association management software designed to help nonprofits and trade and professional associations handle memberships, orders, events, exhibitors, sponsorships, and more. Read more about Nimble AMS
White-label Subscription platform
Abowire is a white-label subscription management software designed to help businesses set up multiple pricing tiers, discount coupons, and trial periods to automate recurring billing and invoicing processes. Members can login via single sign-on and email verification to access customer portal. Read more about Abowire
All-in-one chamber software solution
Chamber Organizer is an all-in-one chamber software solution, providing web-based software that allows chambers to manage management, handle their website content, and provide their members with a powerful online promotional toolkit. Chamber Organizer can allow you to streamline your operations as well as bring your entire community online by... Read more about Chamber Organizer
Direct Debit solution for memberships & subscriptions
Simply Collect is a web-based collections solution for managing monthly subscription or membership payments, with accounts reporting, arrears management & more Read more about Simply Collect
Cloud-based membership management solution
Your People is a membership management solution designed to help associations of all sizes manage daily operations, scheduled tasks, member communications, and financial transactions. The system lets users store information related to member profiles, renewals and interactions in a unified database. Read more about Your People
Community management platform
bantu Workspace is a community management platform that helps non-profit organizations, clubs/associations, event planners, and schools manage projects, volunteers, members, and more. The data management module enables users to build a member database, assign projects, and track attendance. Read more about bantu Workspace
Church management software for parishes and dioceses
Ecclesiared is a church management software designed to help parishes and dioceses handle accounts, cemetery niches, websites, donations, documents, member registry, records, and more on a centralized platform. Church administrators can maintain a database of pastoral agents. Read more about Ecclesiared
Chamber of Commerce Management System
Xeus is an online CRM product that helps you manage your members, events and your websites all in one place. Most Chambers of Commerce have a website with a directory, a CRM database, and an invoicing accounts package all held separately resulting in 3 times the admin. This wastes time you could be spending engaging with your members and helping... Read more about Xeus
Payment processing & financial reporting solution
LegFi is an invoicing, payment processing, expense tracking and financial reporting solution for member groups, associations, fraternities, sororities and more Read more about LegFi
Fitness studio management software
PlumIQ is a complete business management software which enables gyms, fitness studios, & clubs to manage their members, classes, bookings, payments, revenue, & more online with a range of tools like calendar & class scheduling, automated payments, retention marketing, membership management, & more Read more about PlumIQ
Cloud-based solution for managing client memberships
Assocyate is a cloud-based association management solution that helps enterprises manage client memberships and streamline collaboration among team members. It enables users to create subscription plans, monitor transactions, generate invoices, and calculate taxes. Read more about Assocyate
Dutch-language association management tool
Congressus is a Dutch-language SaaS solution for the complete membership administration of small and large associations with support for financial management. Features include collections management, newsletter distribution, website management, statistics, forums, and email marketing. Read more about Congressus
Membership management software for clubs and fitness studios
Athletics is a member management software for clubs and fitness studios. Along with information about members, statistics, evaluations, and custom-designed lists, this tool includes other integrated features such as a touchscreen cash register and cloud-based operations. Read more about Athletics
Software for managing fitness & leisure industry operations
Member management software and billing solutions for large fitness operators - versatile, scalable, and intuitive. Read more about Exerp