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The Leading Entity Management Software
Diligent Entities helps your organization store, access, manage and report on your entity information anytime, anywhere. Improve compliance, make better informed decisions and grow your organization sustainably. Read more about Diligent Entities
Global entity management and document automation
Athennian is a cloud-based corporate governance solution designed to manage critical entity data and automate corporate secretary documents. The platform allows users to manage legal entities including corporations, LLCs, trusts, and partnerships in more than 180 global jurisdictions. Read more about Athennian
Legal entity management and tracking
EntityKeeper is a cloud-based entity management solution for businesses, which provides tools such as an organizational chart builder and entity database management. The platform helps SMBs to manage, track, organize, and access entity documents from one secure solution. Read more about EntityKeeper
Leading global provider of Enterprise Legal Technology®
GaLexy is a cloud-based enterprise legal management software which enables legal departments of all sizes to manage contracts, documents & legal spending Read more about GaLexy
Protect Every Branch of Your Business with Lextree.
Use Lextree from Berkman Solutions to manage legal entities, contracts, compliance, and risk with software-as-a-service that is secure and easy to use. Unlimited Users, Unlimited Entities, Unlimited Contracts. Used by clients to manage entities in 80 countries in every industry. Read more about Lextree
Entity management & corporate governance
EnGlobe is a company secretarial and corporate compliance solution for large corporations and financial institutions with governance and entity management tools Read more about EnGlobe
Corporate and legal activity management
DiliTrust Governance is a cloud-based governance and entity management solution designed to help businesses across all industries manage corporate and legal activities. The platform is designed to help in-house lawyers monitor and manage legal activities such as contracts, entities, cases, and more. Read more about DiliTrust Governance
Entity management, accounting & more for wealth managers
TrustQuay 5Series, formerly Microgen 5Series, is a trust and corporate administration software for wealth managers. The platform comprises a range of integrated modules including entity management, accounting, investments, time & expense tracking, billing, and more. Read more about TrustQuay 5Series
All-in-one compliance and entity management solution
Harbor Compliance is a cloud-based compliance and entity management solution that comprises modules for entity management, license management, records management, and tax management. The all-in-one system allows businesses to eliminate multiple legacy solutions and manage compliance from one place. Read more about Harbor Compliance
Entity management to reduce corporate risk
Computershare GEMS is a cloud-based entity management system designed to help businesses manage their global entities, compliance, documents, tax, and more. The platform aids corporations with ensuring they are in line with regulatory requirements and helps them to identify risks. Read more about Computershare GEMS
Entity management for law firms or in-house legal teams
Legalinc is a cloud-based entity management solution for lawyers and in-house legal teams. The platform offers tools such as global entity support, document automation, automatic alerts and reminders, ad-hoc reporting, organizational workflow management, and more. Read more about Legalinc
Entity management for US businesses
IncParadise is a cloud-based entity management solution for businesses in any industry. The platform provides features including company management, email integration, audit trails, order tracking, document storage, mail forwarding, subscription management, and more. Read more about IncParadise
Legal entity management to aid with compliance
Group Vision Web is a legal entity management solution that offers tools for managing and tracking entity data. The platform, which can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, also offers integrated modules for document management and structure chart building. Read more about Group Vision Web