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Serrala is a global financial automation and B2B payments software company creating more secure payment capabilities worldwide for enterprises of all sizes. Offering truly differentiated on-premise, cloud and SaaS solutions. Read more about Serrala Suite
SFacil is a program that manages accounting and fiscal processes for businesses. The software integrates different modules for generating electronic invoices, payroll management, and accounting statements. The program can be installed on any PC running the Windows operating system or via a local network. Read more about SFacil
ABW is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed to help businesses manage sales orders, inventory, data collection, financial, quality control, and other operations. The platform allows users to handle multiple locations and warehouses and supports multiple currencies. Read more about ABW
A collaborate turnkey tool combining artificial intelligence (AI) with an on-demand team of engineers: we provide DSC of all sizes with the ideal tailor-made device for their management Read more about ProGesSi
Are you using digital accounting software yet? If not, then you’re missing out. Here are the benefits of free accounting software Ireland. Read more about Gimbla
The software that digitizes the purchasing process of small and medium-sized businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises. Optimize your company's expenses and manage your purchases. Read more about Weproc
Ciwac is a cloud-based Accounting & Bookkeeping Software to digitize the accounting workflows of small and medium-sized businesses. Ciwac helps businesses connect their Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables in real time for instant account reconciliation. Read more about Ciwac Connected Accounting
Dailybiz is a SaaS software that optimizes business management thanks to complete functional coverage: sales, purchases, CRM, accounting, business management and taxation. Flexible & customizable solutions according to the problems of each company. Read more about Dailybiz
Contabilizei is a platform that offers accounting solutions for commercial and service companies. For online accounting, the platform helps open a CNPJ and provides services from different channels, such as chat, phone, email, and WhatsApp. Available in Portuguese for the Brazilian market. Read more about Contabilizei
Constellation1 Accounting helps businesses manage recurring charges, escrow or trust accounts, and commissions. Clients can connect closing tasks into a unified system with an integrated general ledger and gain a clear view of business activities using real-time production and management reports. Read more about Constellation1 Accounting
Salesforce Bi-Directional Synchronizer is an accounting software designed to help businesses to maintain and manage sales, invoices, and expenses and track daily business transactions via a unified portal. It can be used to connect your accounting system and Salesforce CRM. Read more about QuickBooks Bi-Directional Synchronizer
Corenio is a cloud-based ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Create and edit products, and activate them on multiple marketplaces. Receive your orders in Corenio, and synchronize all your warehouse stocks to multiple marketplaces or any other third party. And much more! Read more about Corenio
A unified, cloud-based, low-code platform for automating end-to-end processes and comprehensively managing content and communications, backed by AI-based cognitive capabilities and a robust integration ecosystem. Read more about NewgenONE Digital Transformation Platform
xPower ERP is a fully integrated software system designed to manage businesses. It allow companies to view, analyze and report on essential business information in real-time. Read more about xPower ERP
Soan is the benchmark financial management solution that helps VSE and SME managers, financial directors and accountants centralize customer and supplier exchanges, digitize processes, and manage them in complete security. Teams can edit, save, and send quotes and invoices online, then schedule automatic reminders. Read more about Soan
Altoviz is a cloud-based billing and invoicing solution, which helps small to large businesses manage online payments, expenses, accounting procedures, and more. The platform offers various features such as activity tracking, treasury, pre-made templates, document management, and quoting. Read more about Altoviz
Easybox is a flexible ERP service that allows companies to manage people, finances and their support chains. By simplifying and automating their processes, entrepreneurs can reduce costs and increase income. In addition, Easybox provides extensive training and unparalleled service. Read more about Easybox
MYBREEX combines software, hardware, and service so businesses can digitize and automate incoming and outgoing invoicing, quotations, work orders, and more. Pair MYBREEX with other business apps, such as Mollie, Codabox Teamleader, and more. Read more about MYBREEX
EBP Hubbix Accounting is an online accounting software, ideal for VSE managers looking to simplify and optimize their accounting management. Read more about EBP Hubbix Comptabilité
Vantage Investor helps organizations record all of their investments, including real estate, stocks, and bonds. It allows users to easily track all activity including cash flow. Administrators can automate partnership accounting and reporting while ensuring total compliance with all tax regulations. Read more about Vantage Investor
Genieaz enables users to streamline data extraction from invoices and receipts with high accuracy, and process them to be exported to accounting software. It is used by accountancy firms, bookkeepers, small to large or enterprise-level businesses, and accountants. Read more about Genieaz
Info-Tech Accounting Software grants business owners the ability to ease their accounting process by automating calculations for payrolls, creating invoices & bills and keeping track of business stocks. Read more about Info-tech Accounting
Cointab’s reconciliation software is an innovative solution for all your business reconciliation needs. The software enables businesses to complete their reconciliation process seamlessly. Read more about Cointab
Maintain financial accountability across departments and offices with flexible finance systems, including Accounting Suite, Payroll, Business License, and Fixed Assets. Read more about PUBLIQ Software Finance
Save money, time and energy with the automation capabilities and flexibility of our business management platform. Read more about Kafinea
Condobox is a system for condominium management that makes it possible to register residents and their vehicles, schedule meetings online, create polls, send notices, manage the working hours of the condominium's employees, including vacations and leaves, and more. Available in Portuguese. Read more about Condobox
Logist is a modular and customizable commercial management system, available only in Portuguese, that helps control sales, issue receipts or payment slips, prepare budgets for products or services, and calculate sales commissions or interest penalties for delays, among other activities. Read more about Logist

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