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Zoho CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses of all sizes close deals smarter, better and faster. The solution lets businesses reach their customers through every channel, including telephone, email, social media, and live chat. Read more about Zoho CRM
CaptivateIQ, the agile commission solution, enables companies to align revenue teams with evolving business goals. Combining flexibility with ease of use, CaptivateIQ offers leading companies like Gong the ability to build any commission plan, save days in payout processing, and motivate reps. Read more about CaptivateIQ
Modern, enterprise-grade sales performance software used to manage commissions and provide transparency for both leadership and sales reps Read more about Performio
Everstage is a cloud-based commission automation software designed to help businesses manage commissions’ calculations, payouts, tracking, quota, and more via a unified portal. The no-code platform enables organizations to configure custom commission plans for teams using predefined templates, define incentive criteria, and run simulations before... Read more about Everstage
Xactly Incent allows companies to design, automate and manage incentive compensation. Read more about Xactly Incent
SalesRabbit is a sales tracking & lead management solution for door to door field sales representatives with tools for developing key behaviors and motivation Read more about SalesRabbit
Ace is a scalable, and easy-to-use Sales Performance Suite geared towards improving your operational efficiency. Read more about LeadSquared
Board is the Intelligent Planning Platform that enables to drive sales performance with complete visibility from end-to-end Read more about BOARD
Jedox is the world’s most adaptable planning and performance management platform that empowers organizations to deliver plans that outperform expectations. Cross-functional teams can contribute through an Excel 365 Add-in, web application, and even view reports on mobile devices. Read more about Jedox
Elevate helps firms automate the accounting and administration of commissions and incentive plans, enhancing sales and output. Key features include compensation management, sales incentive design, commission tracking, third-party integrations, accounting, progress analysis, and access controls. Read more about ElevateHQ
Designed for insurance, industrial automation, healthcare, and other industries, Smark CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management software that helps forecast market performance, handle leads, and customize sales proposals to streamline post-sales processes. Read more about Smark CRM
Oracle Sales is a commercial real estate CRM software designed to help businesses manage subscriptions and analyze sales performances. The platform enables administrators to collaborate with colleagues on proposals, pricing, and quotes to handle sales and marketing operations. Read more about Oracle Sales is a cloud-based solution, which helps business development professionals provide guidance to prospects about the sales cycle and track customer engagement. Users can also create proposal documents containing recaps of conversations and share them with stakeholders in the pipeline. Read more about Recapped
GlassHive assists businesses in the IT industry such as MSPs, MSSPs, VARs, and more. It caters to businesses of all sizes. It enables teams to manage marketing and sales efforts using intuitive tools, pre-built content, and insightful data. Read more about GlassHive
Compass is a holistic sales incentive management software that reduces incentives compensation hassles through gamification and automation. Read more about Compass
Vena is the only Complete Planning platform that brings together the familiarity and flexibility of an Excel interface with the technology and methodology to support your plans to grow. Read more about Vena
Cloud-based, in-memory planning and execution for sales, operations, and finance. Read more about Anaplan
Rallyware is the complete digital platform driving workforce performance and company KPIs. Read more about Rallyware
An Adaptive and integrated sales engine, empowering internal sales teams to leverage artificial intelligence to accelerate growth, efficiency, and close sales execution gaps. Read more about Zipteams
Numerik is no ordinary sales app, it's a performance enhancing tool. Why hire a bigger sales team when you can get better results from your existing reps? By rallying reps around objectives, empowering them with the best insights and engaging with the right motivation, they'll blow thru targets. Read more about Numerik
Powerful & intuitive commission management software. Handles the most complex incentive plans with rapid implementation. Read more about Core Commissions
Powerful financial modeling, planning, and analytics software-as-a-service fit for any industry. Easier to use than any other specialized or spreadsheet solution. Read more about Farseer
Audience Advantage provides teams with an unfair competitive advantage by offering engaging XR experiences. Linked to your CRM data, helping your buyers imagine your reality becomes easy. Read more about Audience Advantage
Ganacos is a planning and simulation software for businesses which is designed to aid users to in making better business decisions by simplifying data & spreadsheet models. It offers tools for data analysis, planning, & simulation inspired by a combination of spreadsheet, BI & simulation tools. Read more about Ganacos
SAP Commissions is a compensation and incentive management software, which helps businesses create, optimize and manage compensation plans to enhance sales, employee engagement, and revenue. The platform includes one-click traceability, which enables organizations to view and resolve user enquiries. Read more about SAP Commissions
QVANTUM is a cloud-based business planning solution helping companies create and manage agile, collaborative, integrated, and scalable planning processes. The plattform for transparent, integrated, easy-to-use, and scalable planning. Read more about QVANTUM
Q is a powerful email intelligence solution for B2B dealmakers. It relies on a cutting-edge social signal processing AI to analyze implicit meaning (subtext), true sentiment and power dynamics. Read more about Substrata Q
Salesbook is an innovative presentation tool for mobile sales teams. With Salesbook, your team can analyze customer needs and present a customized solution in the field so customers can try it instantly. Read more about Salesbook
Varicent is a sales performance management solution that helps businesses in the insurance, media, telecommunications, and other sectors create territory plans, identify missed pipeline opportunities, and pay sellers. Administrators can build sales territories according to hierarchy-based teams such as industries, geographies, products, and... Read more about Varicent
Marketing Cloud is a very powerful and extensive marketing automation platform and can be overwhelming. Activation Studio offers multiple quality-of-life improvements for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Read more about Activation Studio
LevelEleven provides real-time visibility into all sales activity & behavior and uses this data to motivate sales reps through personalized metrics & campaigns. Read more about LevelEleven
SAP Agent Performance Management helps businesses manage agent performance. It is deployed as a cloud-based solution and can be used by businesses of all sizes. It caters to businesses that need to deliver high-quality service to their customers while maintaining the costs associated with maintaining those services. Read more about SAP Agent Performance Management
TigerLRM is a CRM with built-in Sales Enablement designed by sales leaders for small to medium-sized businesses. Read more about TigerLRM
SPIF Management is a sales performance management software designed to help businesses design and manage partner incentive programs (PIPs). The platform enables managers to automate various aspects of the SPIF program, including rewards, redemption, and reporting. Read more about SPIF Management
Iconixx automates sales compensation plans to create dependable commission experiences. Read more about Iconixx
beqom Sales Performance Management is a cloud-based end-to-end sales performance management software designed to help businesses across automotive, energy & resources, financial services, manufacturing & retail, technology & business services, and telecommunications industries model costs accurately, evaluate and prioritize sales behavior,... Read more about beqom Sales Performance Management
Optymyze is a no-code data warehousing and automation software designed to assist businesses with application development, sales performance management, staff planning, financial forecasting, and workforce performance, among other operations from within a unified platform. It enables real-time collaboration across enterprises and technical teams... Read more about Optymyze
With the Computer Market Research (CMR) Automated Ship and Debit module, users can easily manage and keep track of all your indirect sales programs, POS transactions, and show you exactly what you owe partners, as well as what you already paid them. Read more about Automated Ship and Debit
The BNC Enterprise CRM is a turnkey solution for digitizing the project sales process and addresses the major pitfalls of conventional CRM systems in terms of implementation costs and success in generating a return on investment. Read more about BNC AIR- Enhancer Edition
BNC IBIS suite - Enterprise edition is a game-changer solution for managing project sales. The system enables opportunity-based sales forecasting to provide greater accuracy through integration with BNC Intelligence for construction projects. Read more about BNC AIR- Enterprise Edition
Salessound is a cloud-based software for sales team management. It provides a six-step framework and software tools for effective management of sales performance; ideas; objectives; reporting; feedback; trends and insights. Read more about Salessound
Kennect is an incentive compensation automation management solution that can manage sales performance management and compensation management. Read more about Kennect
The Deal Registration Software is designed to help vendors prioritize and register for leads in real-time. The software provides automated alerts about the status of deals, along with comprehensive dashboards that give a clear view of each deal's progress. It offers a Deal Registration module that helps users monitor channel conflicts and gain... Read more about Deal Registration
Channel POS is a web-based software tool that streamlines the collection and processing of reports from multiple reporting partners, creates comprehensive Crystal reports of monthly sales analytics by territory, reseller, product and/or distributor. When distributors send their required POS data in a standardized format to the system, the data is... Read more about Channel POS

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