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Welcome to businesstry―perfecting the business of dentistry. Read more about Sensei Cloud
axiUm is a dental management software designed to help healthcare and educational facilities handle treatment, patients, faculties, evaluations, and more from within a unified platform. Users can send and receive messages to communicate with groups or individuals within an institute. Read more about axiUm
DentiCalc 4in1 is a unique mobile application for dental professionals that has been specifically developed to help dentist-patient communication during consultations. DentiCalc 4in1 is available in 30 languages and 162 currencies and can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play. Read more about DentiCalc
Dental Intelligence is a web-based solution designed to help businesses schedule appointments, process invoices, and analyze patient data. The platform enables healthcare professionals to enhance productivity, gain insights into administrative tasks, and communicate with clients. Read more about Dental Intelligence
Novadontics offers web-based dental billing and practice management solution used by dental practitioners across the United States. The system suits small practices and DSOs. Read more about Novadontics
Teledent is a telemedicine solution that helps dental practitioners manage patients, consultations, workflows, treatment planning, and more. The live streaming functionality enables users to conduct remote examinations, store medical information and collaborate with patients. Read more about TeleDent
A platform specifically designed for orthodontists to help them maintain and build out their practices in the most productive way possible. Read more about OrthoTrac a Sensei product
Easy, inexpensive, yet robust subscription software for any small business. It is another tool for service providers to grow their businesses by easily creating and selling their services in memberships, plans, or packges. Read more about PlanSplit
MNprogram is a cloud-based system designed to help businesses in legal, medical, healthcare, and other industries manage sales, customers, billing, accounting, and more. It enables supervisors to automate employee scheduling, run marketing campaigns, and store documents in a centralized repository. Read more about MNprogram
Chapter2Dental is the most interactive solution to explain illnesses, treatments, and consequences of no-treatment. Read more about Chapter2Dental
Dolphin Management is a cloud-based desktop and mobile-friendly dental practice management tool that captures patient images, organizes records, conveys treatment plans, and enables dental staff to share ideas. It also handles employee data, insurance information, scheduling, and workflows. Read more about Dolphin Management
Datacon is a practice management solution designed to help dental offices streamline various administrative processes on a unified platform. Supervisors can store data in a centralized database and patients can use the self-service portal to access required information. Read more about Datacon
Designed for the healthcare industry, Dentiflow is a cloud-based dental management software that helps medical professionals manage electronic health records (EHRs), schedule appointments, and send automated SMS reminders to patients from a centralized platform. It enables staff members to generate dental charts, create prescriptions, track... Read more about Dentiflow
Muntra is a cloud based practice management, x-ray and imaging software. We make the things you do even better, with powerful new ways to run your dental practice. Read more about Muntra
PracticeHub is a cloud-based, integrated practice management software that simplifies the complexities of running a modern healthcare business, helping you keep on top of compliance and management tasks. It features customisable policies and procedures including medical specialty templates. Read more about PracticeHub
DentalMaster is a web-based patient communication software for dentists. Offering treatment planning presentations, procedure explanation videos, waiting room solutions, patient education and teledentistry. Read more about DentalMaster
Total Dental is a web-based practice management and electronic health record (EHR) system for dentists, with scheduling, billing, and e-prescribing capabilities Read more about Total Dental
Simples Dental is a digital management platform for dental offices and practitioners to help automate appointment schedules, organize treatments, manage patient prescriptions, and control financial activities. Read more about Simples Dental
Xcare is the unified patient engagement platform designed to increase patient flow. Read more about XCare
WinOMS seamlessly integrates systems and technology to help dental surgeons deliver diagnostic excellence and positive patient outcomes. Key attributes include appointment management, process mapping, records control, invoicing, analysis tools, reporting functions, and compliance management. Read more about WinOMS a Sensei product
GrowPractice is a HIPAA-compliant software that helps you manage your practice efficiently right from appointments to patient feedback. Read more about GrowPractice
Consult-PRO Patient Education is a cloud-based dental software. Dentists need software that can help them provide patient care with minimal effort while driving down costs. The software brings together patient data in one place, providing doctors with real-time intelligence on their practice, allowing them to make informed decisions and offer... Read more about Consult-PRO Patient Education
Great choice also with a 1 chair praxis and also for a 400-chair dental network nationwide or worldwide! Read more about Flexi-Dent
CareCru is the creator of Donna, a virtual dental practice assistant that helps grow and manage your practice. Read more about CareCru
Dentsoftware is a dental clinic management solution that can make any dental practice smart and paper free. The platform seamlessly integrates patient management, clinical management and administration including a reporting module to help management get full insight into the practice. Read more about Dentsoftware
Core Practice is an online dental practice management solution that helps practices plan schedules, manage patient records and gain business performance insights with features like patient and practitioner scheduling, treatment plan creation, online bookings, digital imaging, and more. Read more about Core Practice
HealthEngine is a cloud-based solution, which helps general physicians, dentists, and medical practitioners with appointment scheduling and patient management. Key features include online advertising, reminders, front desk management, and feedback collection. Read more about HealthEngine
Medicasimple is a comprehensive cloud-based dental practice management software that helps dental organizations achieve the full potential inherent in scale. Read more about Medicasimple
Simplant is a 3D implant treatment solution that facilitates dentists with guided surgery while performing implants. The implant treatment is compatible with multiple implants across several brands, DICOM compatible CT scanners along with other optical or intraoral scanners. Read more about SimPlant GO
Take the hassle out of running your dental office, and get back to what matters most: giving your patients the best experience possible. Read more about PracticeWorks a Sensei product
Best-in-class software platform Practice ZEBRA for dentists, group offices, DSOs, managers & consultants. Get unmatched access to key metrics/results visibility & solutions, including proprietary reports providing insights that max performance & valuation for individual offices & enterprise views. Read more about Practice ZEBRA
Australian appointment scheduling for doctors and patients. Read more about HotDoc
The ease of adoption and maintenance of Sensei for Oral Surgery guarantees that all sites can rapidly and effectively train both new and existing staff. For all practice sizes wishing to expand in the future, the turn-key solution is perfect. Read more about Sensei for Oral Surgery
ivoris dent supports dental practices in their operational processes, and a patient file is generated for this purpose. All treatment processes are recorded chronologically. In addition, ivoris dent enables the scientifically oriented documentation of results. Read more about ivoris dent
claire supports dental practices with the day-to-day management of patients, employees, services, and finance. The web-based software platform provides a selection of different functions to support these tasks. Read more about claire
BlueDental is a dental software designed to help dental clinics and offices manage and control the scheduling of appointments. The application integrates with financial sector, allowing teams to constantly monitor cash flow and manage other pending issues, such as dental fees. Read more about BlueDental
Digitize your clinic with the best patient and employee management system for Dental Clinics. Medical reports, appointments, patient history, and extensive employee management with 24/7 support. Read more about DCMS
InSync is an intra-office communication software designed for dental offices to streamline office communication and enhance patient satisfaction. InSync’s core features—patient tracking, curbside check-in, staff paging, instant messaging, and Screen Dock—allow practices to operate more efficiently. Read more about InSync
Intuitive, cloud-based practice management system for dental practices allows you to consolidate multi-location practice data and processes in one place and add locations easily. Read more about Fuse
Consult-PRO EDU is a highly efficient software that helps the delivery of the clinical curriculum and improves communication between administration, faculty, students, and your clients. Read more about Consult-PRO Education
ZING is the Everyday Hero for business owners. Built and designed as an ERP for SMBs, ZING is the most affordable platform, easy to use, and with extensive features that meet the demands of any booking-based business. Read more about Zing
Zubok CRM - free dental practice management software. Developed by software engineers guided by dentists. You can start working right after you become familiar with it! Read more about Zubok CRM
Kleer offers dental practices with an alternative coverage option for patients. It is an easy-to-use cloud-based software that enables dental practices of all shapes and sizes to build customized in-house membership plans. Read more about Kleer
odontosalus ERP integrates all the functionalities of a dental clinic in a single system. The software controls administrative processes such as billing, collections, purchasing, and inventories. It tracks electronic medical histories and the practitioners' appointment schedules. Read more about odontosalus
An innovative, Cloud-Based, and HIPAA-Compliant way to communicate, share and track every clinical referral through completion. We make the referral process more efficient and safe while enhancing the patient experience and changing the outdated referral process in dentistry to paperless! Read more about Referral Ease
Peerlogic is a voice-based conversational intelligence software designed for the dental industry and powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Read more about Peerlogic
Pearl's FDA-cleared x-ray analysis capabilities use artificial intelligence to help recognizes dozens of dental pathologies. Read more about Pearl
Dr. DENTES is a cloud-based dental management software that helps dentists keep track of patient information such as records, payments, appointments, and more. Read more about Dr.DENTES
Genamet is a comprehensive Clinic Management Software that enables users to streamline their processes by digitizing their workflow, thereby improving accessibility and efficiency. Read more about Genamet
Kiroku uses AI to help clinicians (primarily dentists and veterinarians) produce accurate notes using customisable and clickable templates. Write comprehensive notes a third of the time. Read more about Kiroku

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