Alertsec Xpress Full Disk Encryption Reviews

Alertsec Xpress Full Disk Encryption

Disk encryption management service

2.5/5 (2 reviews)
Brad S.

Encryption company that can't encrypt

Used Daily for 1+ year
Reviewed on 2018/01/03
Review Source: GetApp


Seem helpful, but can't accomplish anything. I call to encrypt my new computer (something you would think they do everyday) and now after many hours nothing is completed.


They couldn't after many tries re-encrypt my old computer that crashed. Now after buying a new computer they have taken hours of my time, used the team viewer and still nothing accomplished. Then they send me an email of what to do. I always ask them "if it needed doing why didn't you do it when you had control of the computer on team viewer.

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Tim M.


Reviewed on 2011/02/03
Review Source: GetApp

Signed up for a trial and it was really easy to deploy.