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Simple and easy with powerful outcomes

Reviewed on 2017/01/23
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Using sales-i is a breeze even though I'm not particularly 'techy'. I can find what I'm looking for quickly with the campaigns I set up initially and if I want to answer any other questions or even just have a play I go into the inquiries to gain more insight.


I love that any data I find related to customers is then linked to the CRM part of the system, so it gives me a reason to contact a customer, ammunition to use when I do and an organized way to record the call or visit etc.


To be honest, I got a good demonstration of sales-i before we signed up so we knew what we were getting and haven't been disappointed one bit. We use the web version and the apple app for iPads and the use is just as easy, if not easier, on the road. I'd like some kind of push notification on the app for the sales guys but actually, without it, it means they have to log in themselves, which isn't a bad thing. I want to keep everyone engaged.

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Nitin G.

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Reviewed on 2018/04/13
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