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Z. G.

Best CRM for small companies.

Reviewed on 2014/08/24
Review Source: Capterra

After years of using cumbersome, complex, and expensive CRM solutions, we have migrated to Clevertim and never looked back. Super-responsive customer support, affordable pricing, and none of the superfluous features and time-consuming screens of "big name" CRM alternatives.

Just the info you need, when and where you need it, saves time. Brilliant (!) tagging system allows any user to tag any record with any words, at any time, minting new tags on-the-fly. This function obliterates the need for multi-dimensional databases, and allows the users across the company to tag and group records as they see fit, on-the-fly.

Integral e-mail and document management, opportunity / case management, and lots of options for team collaboration.

One exception to our enthusiasm is the somewhat "rough" UI, including clickable buttons placement and size, and overall appearance... however, once you get used to the UI it becomes a non-issue.

Last but not least:
1. On 2 occasions we made a request for new functions. In both cases our wishes were granted and implemented within less than a week.
2. Not a single incidence of system down in 2 years.
3. Takes less than 10 seconds to add/delete a user.
4. Takes less than 15 minutes to train a new user (basic)
5. Seamless growth from 1 user to 1,000 users
6. New features added on a regular basis.

SUMMARY: From the team at AeroBearings, LLC: "Thank you Clevertim!"

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