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13 reviews
Andrew H.
Industry: Marketing & Advertising
Company size: 2-10 Employees

It's my secret to getting it all done!!

Reviewed on 2014/05/15
Review Source: GetApp

My company has used intouch CRM for several years now, we are pleased with it so we now recommend it to our clients.
It does 98% of what in my opinion every small business owner needs to run and automate their business, from the day to day diary management, to setting up marketing campaigns, and it is affordable.
I have always said to new team members, that you have two brains when working here, one is yours, and the other is the CRM, where everything will be stored and shared for everyone else to collaborate with and use.
Also I like the fact that it is online, so I can login from anywhere, and my data is secure, and backed up without me having to worry.
I just wouldn't be without it...
Highly recommend


intouch has always come up trumps for my business as it allows me to market to my clients not just by email but also direct mail and SMS.


There are still and will probably be always be a couple of aspects of the software that could be made more user friendly, but it is always being upgraded so most issues once highlighted, are dealt with.

Response from InTouch CRM

Thank you for the review. We love it when we see the system being used to its full potential, it really does have, as you say, 98% of what most small businesses need to grow their business through effective sales and marketing.

Mark S.
Industry: Management Consulting
Company size: 2-10 Employees

more than CRM - it's a business success partner for entrepreneurs and business owners!

Reviewed on 2014/06/06
Review Source: GetApp

InTouch provides a comprehensive suite of CRM functions, including some really exceptional features. In particular I find the seamless flow between contact management and email marketing and back is an incredibly powerful process. I've evaluated many CRM and email marketing packages and InTouch is an essential system for my business. The support is excellent too - from online resources to helpdesk.


InTouch provides, in a single integrated system, about 8 major app areas - email marketing, contact management, direct mail, SMS, Survey and so on. Managing contacts through Groups is easy and Email Nurture Sequences are excellent, to highlight two.


None especially. If you have very specific requirements that go beyond the core InTouch capability you may need to find a work-around, but that's the same for every CRM application.

Bill M.
Industry: Primary/Secondary Education

New User impressed with customer service

Reviewed on 2014/07/04
Review Source: GetApp

I've been using InTouch CRM for about 2 weeks now. Customer service for me has been excellent; chat support has been helpful and accurate and the attention to detail from staff has exceeded my expectations. I am a small business with a turnover of less than £110k but InTouch have been really committed to my cause.

I am using InTouch for emailing parents of students about Summer School bookings, news and updates, and free information about how best to nurture learning in their children. I could see via the report page that my last email was opened by over 25 people within just an hour of being delivered and I have received 4 sales enquiries as a result of it. It's paid for itself already this year!


Templates for emails
Support and customer service


Busy interface (tabs and sidebars)
Some functions not as easily reached as could be expected. There's a learning curve!

Peter E.
Industry: Marketing & Advertising

You feel like a customer not a number!

Reviewed on 2014/07/15
Review Source: GetApp

We use Intouchcrm for our CRM, newsletters, email campaigns, website, emails so it is a very complete service with an excellent on-call telephone support, FAQ service, and email support. There is a complete suite of videos to help, guides and very quick response. I use and have used all kinds of CRMs in my time and am a serial user of cloud based tools so it takes a real pounding from us! Yes, I thoroughly recommend it and in fairness to the guys there, when they have found any gaps in the system, they jump on issues and sort them quickly. You are dealing with human beings and you feel like a customer not a number! Great customer service. Happy to recommend them.


Customer service
Easy to get in touch
It works
Quick response


Some of the templates sometimes get a little challenged but crikey if that is all I can find to complain about...and in truth, it is a minor issue

Kelli C.
Industry: Wine & Spirits

5 Star Service

Reviewed on 2014/09/22
Review Source: GetApp

In Touch CRM has been a great tool for my business in marketing the company as well as getting feedback from customers.

Companies and customers have commented on how professional and sleek the email campaigns are. I'm able to get information to my customers with a system that is easy to use, allows links, photos and update information that is essential.

There are different email templates that can be used to help format the type of email you want to send out that is relevant. Thus making the process quick and easy.

The surveys extremely useful in obtaining information such as gaining feedback on our services we have given to enable us to develop a better service in the future.

Whenever I have needed technical advice, customer service is prompt and efficient.

In Touch CRM has become an integral part of the running of my business.

Marios s

Excellent CRM and Sales package

Reviewed on 2014/03/06
Review Source: GetApp

Have been using for more than a year now. I find it easy to use, managing contacts and organizations is excellent, it has helped increase productivity and collaboration of my team


Email interface with templates, online form designer, the overall history management, calendar, and tasks that help keep up to date with all our clients. Survey tools that help us in getting clients input. Excellent Price for what you get

Response from InTouch CRM

Glad to hear you are enjoying the system, it sounds like you are making good use of all aspects of the sytem.

Paul S.
Industry: Real Estate
Company size: 11-50 Employees

Efficent and easy to use system

Reviewed on 2014/07/07
Review Source: GetApp

IntouchCRM is a great system and Jim. Matthew and team offer great support - highly recommended!


Efficent and easy to use system. With lots of potential as you get to know how to use it. I am sure it is going to become as fundamental to The Story Consultancy growth as a telephone and a website.


Can be hard to get to understand fully like all new systems but it works well once you become familiar with it and the support team are great with any questions you have.

Juliette S.
Industry: Professional Training & Coaching

nothing but excellent customer service

Reviewed on 2014/05/30
Review Source: GetApp

I have used In Touch CRM for about four years now and in all that time I have had nothing but excellent customer service, which for me (as a bit of a technophobe) is crucial. There are real human beings ready to help who rspond really quickly too when I email my queries.


Customer Service a definite plus


I find the technical stuff difficult and a bit frustrating sometimes.......but that could be me, rather than the system!!

Elaine elizabeth P.
Industry: Music

Marketing and management with peace of mind that my data is safe and secure

Reviewed on 2014/08/15
Review Source: GetApp

Superstar Company with marketing and management that keeps my career organised and on track!!


1. Easy to use
2. Quick tasks
3. Deal flow
4. Fan management
5. Looks pretty for a good image on the screen
6. Marketing tools
7. Many other fine qualities


It is all good

Libby L.
Industry: Marketing & Advertising
Company size: 2-10 Employees

Fantastic customer service

Reviewed on 2014/06/26
Review Source: GetApp

The team at InTouchCRM are absolutely brilliant at responding to queries and helping us get the most out of the CRM. We're always learning and have many questions, but I have never been made to feel like a nuisance.

Verified Reviewer

InTouch user

Used Daily for 1-5 months
Reviewed on 2018/04/19
Review Source: GetApp


Good ability to document without check boxes. It is convenient to be able to have summaries in sections versus having to click boxes.


There are a lot of sections when using templates that require to accept as correct. The templates are customizable!

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Ease of Use
Customer Support

Likelihood to recommend: 7.0/10

Rachel sweet

We all know what we are doing!

Reviewed on 2014/03/11
Review Source: GetApp

InTouch has enabled all our Business Managers out in the field to log client interactions and without doubt made e-marketing simple, we also use the reporting function a lot to report back our activity to our funders. The Business Managers have embraced it so much so, they now recommend to many of our clients.


E-Marketing, Data Capture, Reporting

Response from InTouch CRM

Thank you for the review Rachel. We're currently working on some further upgrades in this area, which I'm sure your Business Managers are going to love.

Alistair M.
Industry: Market Research

Excellent handling of account set up

Reviewed on 2014/04/30
Review Source: GetApp

As a business we are advocates of the InTouch system. Due to various factors the set up our new InTouch account was complicated. The level of customer care (and patience) shown by our account manager (Jenna) was amazing. We are looking to a long and mutually beneficial working partnership

Response from InTouch CRM

It's great to hear that, thank you so much for the feedback, our support team will be pleased.