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Infor ERP

An ERP suite for the manufacturing & distribution industries

3/5 (2 reviews)
Casey M.

Worked fine, then they went to version 11

Used Daily for 2+ years
Reviewed on 2018/05/04
Review Source: SoftwareAdvice

Customer service is OK. They have been available for the most part, and fairly responsive when issues arise.


Some features make it easier to fine esoteric orders and product that have been processed in years past. This is one feature I would consider an upgrade.


Everything is based on your Internet Connection. Bugs aside, this can cause delayed loading time when generating documents. Former versions operated more like a spread sheet, allowing you to hop from cell to cell. Now there

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Sohil C.

Good Product

Reviewed on 2016/05/29
Review Source: Capterra

Good Product to use

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