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Online stock control and order management

4.6/5 (12 reviews)
Amir S.

Good purchase management capabilities

Reviewed on 2012/02/20
Review Source: GetApp

I spent hours and hours looking for an easy to use web based application that my company could use for managing purchasing. We had our own home grown Sharepoint solution to this, but wanted to move away from that to something hosted offsite where we didn't have to worry about maintenance, updates and backups.
I was surprised that there weren't many good options out there, and very happy when I found OrderHarmony. We simply use it for managing our purchasing process, but the software is also capable of managing all your sales orders and customer despatch as well.


- Centralised database of agreed supplier pricing for quick ordering.
- Easy to keep track of outstanding deliveries.
- Lets our accounts staff check that supplier invoices are accurate.


- Some functionality needs further enhancement
- Documents output are basic plain text (would benefit from generating PDFs based on our templates)

Having said this, the software is regularly being updated with new features.


Simple, Intuitive, Efficient—with Outstanding, Prompt Support!

Reviewed on 2014/03/13
Review Source: GetApp

I've looked at dozens of cloud-based inventory/invoices apps... took out all the free trials... many hours of trial, and just as much error. But OrderHarmony was the one I kept coming back to because it was easy to use, simple, and did everything I needed it to do for our medium-sized business. The price was also far superior to other bloated products out there.

What really pushed things over the top was the outstanding customer support. The team is prompt, offering solutions quickly. They have helped me on many occasions to fix various problems I created. They've also been very open to suggestions and feedback.

As a company, things are running much better since OrderHarmony was implemented in our invoicing and inventory systems. I wish we had made the switch sooner.


Simple interface.
Powerful features.
Fast, helpful support.


Product "kitting" / Bill of Materials is still a future feature; but it is in the works.


very user-friendly

Reviewed on 2013/04/01
Review Source: GetApp

As a solar installation business, we always got by with paperwork & manual monitoring. Whenever we needed to know what was in stock, we’d go & count it physically. This needed to change for wholesale because the volume was going to increase significantly.

We needed an easy way to track everything in, produce Purchase Orders, track everything out. Without a system like OrderHarmony we wouldn’t have been able to branch out. All the features we were looking for were there in one place.

We don’t use the financial side so much but we know it’s there if we need it. The pre-configured reports are very good. We like the Purchase Ordering side of things & the fact we can track everything from the moment it enters to the moment it leaves

The system itself is very, very user-friendly, so it’s easy to set up. We did it ourselves very quickly with no issues at all.


user-friendly, easy to set up


Necessary & worthwhile investment

Reviewed on 2013/04/10
Review Source: GetApp

I discovered OrderHarmony in response to a need. My stock system had become very haphazard & I was looking on search engines & forums for something that would solve the problem.

I didn’t want the licensing costs or the hassle of having to install software on every PC I ever work on. I was doing everything by spreadsheets or having to delve back into past emails from supplier. I was spending a lot of time trying to find the relevant facts & figures

I did look at other similar products. The benefits of OrderHarmony were that it’s not overblown & it doesn’t require a steep learning curve. It was integrated with Magento & Amazon, which I either use or plan to use. It was full-featured, & lots of those features were things I could genuinely see myself using in the future.


Integration with Magento, Xero, Amazon
cloud based


A great tool!

Reviewed on 2013/06/05
Review Source: GetApp

We signed up for OH because we wanted an all-in order management system to track stock, issue pricing and manage our customers. We were blown away by the low cost of the system and surprised at how friendly and responsive Dan and the support team were. The recent quotes addition doesn't really mean much to us, but they are constantly updating the software and it is a rock solid, very flexible tool of the trade. I don't know how we could operate without it.


Simple to use, lots of functionality, good pricing, amazing support


No carrier integration, cannot personalise emails or PDFs fully, no barcode integration. Yet all are being looked at and I'm sure will happen very soon!

Simon M.

really useful system

Reviewed on 2012/04/25
Review Source: GetApp

we found once the initial set up had been put in place with our products, stock ect the system was easy to follow and use and generally no major issues which caused any concern. we liked how we could intergrate our amazon onto the system and with the help from order harmony support all our issues were easily ironed out. we are working on other intergration ideas with order harmony which will develop this tool further


simple easy to follow commands and tools


the presentation of final invouces is not ready and being developed by order harmony as there is no headed paper, logo ect so need further formatting. a few minor technical errors occurred early on but were dealt with quickly

Brian M.


Reviewed on 2011/08/16
Review Source: GetApp

As a small, specialist, business we needed a system that could keep track of stock movement, sales and help us plan for the future. OrderHarmony provides the tools we need to do this. Easy to use, our staff needed minimum training to get up and running on it and it's simple interface allows them to explore it in depth without worrying about creating errors. OrderHarmony is allowing us to move our Business forward


Its all online so can be accessed anywhere. The excellent customer service provided by the support team. The continual updates and improvements coming out every week. Ease of use.


not much really. Any cons have been dealt with by the development team very quickly

S A.

Exceptional customer sevice and intuitive layout

Reviewed on 2011/08/16
Review Source: GetApp

We needed software that allowed us to keep detailed information about our stock levels, what we'd re-ordered, what was out of stock, which supplier was selling the best for us etc...

We also needed to create reports that could be emailed to our suppliers, accountant at the press of a button.

Everything we had looked at was very complicated, but then we found Order Harmony and it's solved all our problems!


It's very intuitive to use, just click around the site and you'll find what your looking for.

The customer support has been excellent, often they would quickly implement something we suggested which would be vital to our company.

Steven H.

Review for OrderHarmony

Reviewed on 2012/04/25
Review Source: GetApp

easy to use and has a logical flow of the various stages in ordering inventory, receipting it into stock and then raising sales orders and dispatching stock and raising the sales invoice


Links to Xero, cloud based, ease of use, helpful support, competively priced, good functionality


At present does not have multi-currency or multi locations, however I understand these will be coming very soon, so when these are in place it should be great

Ian andrews

Excellent software!

Reviewed on 2013/04/16
Review Source: GetApp

We are a supplier of used golf lake balls and have always struggled knowing our stock quantities. We tried software before, but this was costing over £500 per month. We found OrderHarmony and it really has been a godsend. It is so easy to pick up and now we are able to process orders with ease, whilst knowing our exact stock levels.

Rated 5/5


- Easy to use
- Excellent sales reporting
- All cloud hosted and always backed up
- Pages always load fast

Alzheimer scotland

Christmas cards

Reviewed on 2013/01/16
Review Source: GetApp

Order Harmony has been a real bonus to this year when processing our Christmas card orders from our supporters. All staff have found it extremely easy to use and it's saved us so much time. Would definitely recommend to others. Thank you!

Paul M.

Great app

Reviewed on 2012/06/08
Review Source: GetApp

Very easy to use, nicely laid out - just what I needed for my ordering




integration with Freeagent would be nice. I believe this is being looked at