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Jeff W.

Gtmhub came out of nowhere to challenge BetterWorks and many others - intelligent, simple, strong

Used Daily for 1+ year
Reviewed on 2018/07/06
Review Source: Capterra

Clarity of focus for the business, ability to communicate to a globally dispersed employee base what matters at the top, such that they could connect their objectives to those overall, departmental and team goals - and complete visibility across the company regarding the progress we were making daily toward goal achievement.

Importantly, we could see both where people were achieving goals and targets, as well as areas where we struggled to achieve - and were able to zero in on key areas to celebrate or fix issues in almost real-time. The integration of our many BI tools such as Jira, Finance, HR, Salesforce and others - using a single sign-on approach through our Microsoft suite was invaluable. It felt as if all those disparate and silo'd tools were suddenly working together to provide a clear picture of business performance - allowing us to course correct when we saw patterns or trends emerging in various areas.

Having the dashboard reports and various visualisations was terrific in helping communicate, highlight and illustrate progress or problems at speed and kept us on course.

I like the flexible nature of the software - allowing for changes and adjustments as and when necessary. Simple to use - I seldom needed to train anyone on the tool, beyond a general introduction as most of the utilities are self-explanatory and intuitive once you've had a play with it.

Pricing was aggressive and smart. Inexpensive to get plugged in, and a low cost per employee, per month - based on access rights. When I think about the relative cost vs. clear ROI - it made me look a bit like a hero finding such a powerful tool at such a low price point.

The Gtmhub team are dedicated, smart, engaging and always 'on' whenever you have questions or queries. Working with them has been an absolute pleasure. I feel as committed to their success as I do my own - and have even offered to help them grow their business as it's a great tool, built by terrific people with a terrific value proposition. A real treasure of a find!


API connectors linking all BI tool data to inform dashboard analytics, simple to buy, implement, set up and share across enterprise. Continuously improving, great admin functions, reporting, and customer support/guidance thereafter. When I bought Gtmhub over a year ago they had 8 customers. Today it's over 100 and growing like mad. Main difference vs. competitors was the level of thought-leadership on creating strong OKRs that matter - very tied into John Doerr's vision described in Measure What Matters. I loved the tool so much I now want to help them grow bigger, better and become a world-beater. Gtmhub is a serious management tool, and anecdote for managing, focusing and aligning internal effort in a world where disruption, economic and political uncertainty can throw us off course. It acted as my 'true north' and lighthouse in the midst of constant change and challenge. No wonder Google, Netflix, Adobe, Amazon, Facebook, Dell, Big 4 consultancies, etc. use OKR management. Gtmhub is best value for money, best service and support, easiest tool to implement I've ever engaged with.


The UX was a little light and over-simplified - but was constantly improving whilst I was using it. Much more road map activity yet to come in this area.

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