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Ekos Brewmaster

Cloud brewery management system

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Andrew B.

Stay away

Used Daily for 2+ years
Reviewed on 2019/06/03
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We are looking for a new platform.


Pass. I would say the price, but you get what you pay for.


We have had a very similar experience as executive. Their "customer service" is just a forum with a webinar sprinkled in. We asked for a "bootcamp" style run through to which we got no response. We recently upgraded to their "new" ekos and found that we made a grave mistake. Yes we did ask for them to wipe ekos clean to start fresh. Yes they did tell us what that would get rid of. So we exported the files. We got the email that we were upgraded and ready to go Friday morning. When we went to get things ready for taxes that Sunday, 2 days later, we realized that our invoices didn't export properly. So we called first thing Monday morning to see if they could help. Turns out they only keep back ups for 2 days. When I spoke with "customer service" they just kept saying, we told you what would happen, we said everything would be gone, you shouldn't have relied on us for a back up. I knew everything would be gone. I didn't PLAN on relying on them for a back up. That's why its called a back up. We weren't relying on a back up, we weren't planning to use a back up. Back ups are created for when things go wrong. Something went wrong, and the next business day, we asked for help. Their "customer service" said that it was basically our fault and they aren't responsible for helping us recover that data. That data was all of our info to fill out for state and federal taxes. They deleted it after 2 days on a Sunday. Sign up at your own risk.

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