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Citadel Team

Internal communications and collaboration platform

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1 review
Marie-reine M.
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  • Industry: Food & Beverages
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A great messaging app !

Reviewed on 2019/11/13

As I said above, Citadel is quite great to work with my co-workers.
We don't really use e-mails between us anymore and we share heavy files with Citadel.
Our exchanges are faster and my mailbox is less crowded.
I enjoy this software and I would recommend.


Citadel Team is quite easy to use. It's like a 'whatsapp' but safer. It is really intuitive !
I only use it with my team to coordinate our work. We can easily share and store heavy files (that can't be shared by e-mail). I can preview files on my phone, which is quite convenient.
I also really appreciate the fact that I can use Citadel on several phones AND on my computers at the same time. Synchronisation is very fast !
The web version is really great !


Citadel Team is really great but if I have to highlight something that I do not really appreciate, it would be the fact that sometimes it can take a bit time to synchronise with each device I'm working on.
But I guess it depends of the wifi!