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Intercall - taking years off of my life

Reviewed on 2013/06/18
Review Source: GetApp

We're using WebEx with integrated Intercall audio. Before the switch, we used only Cisco WebEx video and audio-conferencing and never had any issues. A few times a month we have 20-100+ customers dialing-in to presentations. More often than not, the system will lag and cause very loud disruptions to the presenter and participants. Attendees will occasionally unmute themselves and when we go to mute them, it either takes up to a minute to "Mute All" or we can never tell who is causing the noise due to severe lag. This is especially hard if a presenter is among the callers. Attendees have complained that they are not satisfied with the audio quality or cannot log-in altogether - they typically give up and I'm forced to apologize on behalf of this crappy system and send recordings later. Some customers are simply unwilling to put up with the junk quality audio that Intercall provides. I've asked that we revert back to the old system, but our corporation would rather save $0.01/min than preserve employee and customer sanity. Intercall causes STRESS and some days I look out of our 4-story window during meetings and want to jump. I hate Intercall.


NONE - I would give Intercall 0 Stars if I could.


Recordings take up to 1min to start, system lags frequently causing disruptions, difficult to mute users, requires users to type in attendee ID (cannot identify most callers,) users in remote locs have difficulty dialing-in, poor customer service


Best audio, video and web conferencing service

Reviewed on 2013/08/07
Review Source: GetApp

InterCall is a simple and high-quality tool for web conferencing. The audio and video are incredibly clear and always reliable. After using InterCall, I would never use anything else.


easy to use, safe, calendar integration tool