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4.3/5 (8 reviews)
Betty P.

Good for office productivity

Reviewed on 2010/11/09
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As an accounting & business consultancy with clients across Canada & US, I wanted to share data & communicate with teams & clients - a secure web solution to replace our costly network server software. I chose HyperOffice after the free trial for its many features, strong support during implementation & free training. The 2 years using it have been fruitful. Infact, I did a casestudy about how HyperOffice helped a non-profit client reduce overheads by going virtual & prevented their closure. If you know intranets & portals, this best describes HyperOffice, minus the huge cost & IT overhead.


- the ability to create and customize web-spaces for me and my clients
- the ability to share documents and not depend on email
- tasks
- the ability to overlay calendars
- outlook synchronization
- a polite and responsive support team


Be prepared to learn the system & invest time in setting the structure up & developing common procedures for continuity, which can be posted in shared documents.

Scott L.

HyperOffice is a bargain

Reviewed on 2010/12/22
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HyperOffice has proved to be a very useful tool for users who typically don’t have much IT expertise. We chose HyperOffice because we liked the fact that we got multiple tools in a single solution – shared documents, project management, calendars, wikis, contacts, forums etc. Our company uses the calendar to communicate employee vacation times and travel schedules. We also use the company news feature on the portal page for announcements and policy developments. This is especially useful being that we are a solar and renewable energy company with many locations and employees working out of home offices. Overall, I have also been pleased with their support services. The support staff is prompt and helpful in looking at your problems and considering your feedback. We are currently testing their new version and features such as improved page layout design and user management interfaces.


Multiple integrated tools

Goli A.

Employee and User

Reviewed on 2014/07/11
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I work at HyperOffice but I also have used it for the past 9 years. I think the product has really matured in the past 3 years and it can manage small, medium and large businesses. It was mostly for PCs but now you can use it on all PC or Mac, and sync with tablet and phone. The Online database has become a powerful tool and Cisco's WebOffice users have migrated to HyperBase and are so happy with the upgrade that they bring in new business every month. I hope users that left this product several years ago would come back and see the new and improved product. I can attest to it's good looks and good behavior in 2014! :0)


Calendar, Documents, Projects, Database, Email, Voting, Social, Database


As of July 2014 does not sync with desktop when offline. I believe coming soon.

Jo B.

A great sharepoint alternative

Reviewed on 2010/08/26
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It is pretty much the most comprehensive web collaboration software out there. It covers almost the entire range of features in the SharePoint & Exchange alternative domains, has sophisticated document management capabilities, and allows mobile access (HyperOffice on iPhone particularly impressed me) all rolled into one.


HyperOffice is web based, so it does not require any hardware setup, or any downloads at the user's end, as with SharePoint or some of its alternatives.This intranet design is very simple and logical, allowing employees to easily manage personal info


Needs a bit of time to master all the functionalities

Mark L.

Lower cost web-based alternative to Sharepoint

Reviewed on 2010/11/08
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This is a good cloud-based collaboration tool.
It has a very comprehensive set of features and the editor is quickly releasing improvement to the product.
It is a good value alternative to Sharepoint. Trial account doesn't require credit-card data ;-)


Well integrated and very customizable
Easy to set up (intranet / extranet)
Easy to use with a Web 2.0 modern interface and well designed online help such as useful videos that adapts to the level of any worker in the organization


Lost a few document changes which was a bit annoying.

Dana hall

Great to use on a tablet

Reviewed on 2013/09/20
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Been using HyperOffice for several months, going on a year. I find it pretty useful once you get the hang of it. Social collaboration is a fun and useful way to get things done in a group. As of now, using it for a team of 15 but we're expanding the team in a few months and it looks like we're keeping our service with Hyperoffice.


Great features, low price.


Takes some time learning all of the tools, but it's alright.

Joe D.

Do not purchase HyperOffice for a Mac Environment

Reviewed on 2011/12/22
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Quite simply, Hyperoffice does not function in a Mac environment. We've spent almost a year and a half of a three-year contract (prepaid in full to get a discounted rate) attempting to get the promised functionalities working. Many if not most were never achieved. In retrospect, we are now out several thousand dollars, together with the value of countless hours lost in frustration, attempting to run an efficient business. Support personnel were well intentioned, but clearly could not follow through on promises made by the sales side. There has never been any admission of responsibility for the shortcomings of the product or our resulting losses. All efforts at reaching a reasonable resolution to get some of our money back were met with a stunning and total silence.


Promised functionalities sounded great


Could not deliver promised functionalities in a mixed Mac-PC environment.

Ted J.

provides many basic productivity and communication tools

Reviewed on 2012/02/09
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It has delivered value for our business by turning personal productivity into team productivity.


everything is integrated since it was designed as a single solution


The one area where we found HyperOffice came up short was the lack of web conferencing and online authoring capabilities