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3.5/5 (4 reviews)
Alec T.

Your employees' worst nightmare

Reviewed on 2014/08/01
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My company switched from BaseCamp to Deskaway six months ago and it has been a major hassle every week to maintain. When we are assigned to do something, my co-workers and I have to create a "Milestone", then a "Task List" then a "Task." Pretty much, we have to enter an assignment THREE TIMES to log it.

Also, the calendar doesn't show you when a task starts, it only shows when it's due, something BaseCamp did. When my boss sent issues to me, I did not receive emails which the system is suppose to do, plus they did not show up on my calendar nor on my home screen. I almost lost my job because of this.

I've tried using shortcuts to reduce the time I spend each week entering tasks in the 8 projects I'm in charge of, however they did not meet my supervisors' standards, so I'm stuck wasting 2 hours every week entering the same tasks every single time. The shortcut I used was a "recurring task."

This is might be a good tool for management, however your employees will absolutely hate it and you in turn.

Sahil P.

Managing Bigger Projects

Reviewed on 2010/08/18
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If you are growing, DeskAway’s project management tools offers an additional feature that can wind up being very important. Unlike many wikis or other tools you might consider for managing a project, DeskAway offers SSL security. While it isn’t a free feature, if you do wind up relying on DeskAway for your business needs, I think reliable security measures are bound to be a plus.

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David H.

Easy to use project manegemnet app with great features

Reviewed on 2010/11/08
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Very easy to set-up and to use. Great adoptions from all users in the team.
Intuitive way to it structure projects with milestones, task lists and tasks.
Have used it for 20+ users teams and it scales well.
It has significantly reduced the volume of useless emails flying around.


Task Lists, Calendars, Work Reports and Messaging are great features
great support service
very active support forum


Takes a bit of time to get used to the UI

Hein B.

Rating only

Reviewed on 2015/09/14
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