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4.8/5 (12 reviews)
Jon r

Light Years ahead of the completion

Reviewed on 2013/11/22
Review Source: GetApp

I have been doing mobile marketing for a few years now and only wish I have stumbled upon SignalMind a lot sooner. I honestly believe I have tried just about every mobile website building solution out there but they all left me wanting in one aspect or another.
I actually came across SignalMind (at that time it was called Pijnz) on a webinar I was watching being held by two guys who are known as leaders in the field of mobile marketing. They were using one of SignalMinds unique features to land clients that I thought was amazing. With SignalMind’s system you can track the exact amount of click to calls, map clicks, coupon redemptions, form submissions, emails, payments, unique visitors, page views and return visits to your clients website, so the idea is to offer local businesses a free trial, show them the stats or allow them to log into the system themselves if they so wish and check for themselves. When they see how effective the mobile website has been the sale is easy. Obviously the trick here is to do some research on the business you are targeting first to ensure having a mobile website will be effective for them otherwise you risk wasting your time, although once you have learnt how to use the mobile platform within SignalMind it really shouldn’t take you any longer than an hour or two to build each site.
Why do I love SignalMind so much?
The system allows you to create absolutely beautiful mobile websites incredibly quickly. There are a lot of mobile website builders out there that create sites that look cheap and basic, in my opinion SignalMind allows you to create the best looking mobile websites on the market. Don’t just take my word for it though I urge to check out their site where you will find lots of demo’s from different niches to view, I can guarantee you will be blown away with their quality.
Ease of use. It took me around a couple of hours the learn how to use the system which is very intuitive and really does allow you to build sites super fa

J M.

Cost effective mobile landing pages & mobile page management

Reviewed on 2012/02/10
Review Source: GetApp

PiJnz is a enterprise mobile landing page builder and management solution that is a lot more robust than it first appears. At first blush we like that the mobile pages and sites are cloud hosted and not dependent on plug ins or apps even though those features are available within the platform for mobile page detection and redirect for search engines and mobile users.

The user interface is clean and intuitive and is easily navigated by tech/non tech capable users and management of clients mobile pages and accounts is painless. When building mobile pages be it full interactive mobile websites or mobile marketing landing pages the drag n drop page builder components allow our team to easily build mobile pages with what we need and where, tailored specifically to our clients mobile user vs. a mirror of traditional websites. This flexibility has garnered higher mobile page engagement.

Tracking mobile marketing campaigns is key and this is easily done with the built in statistics.


What we like about PiJnz is that it has saved us resources ( time & money) in developing our mobile client marketing and mobile presence because of its centralized management, tech & non tech page builder platform & built in list builder & page stats

John V.

Industry Leader

Reviewed on 2012/02/09
Review Source: GetApp

After spending over 6 months reviewing mobile packages we went with piJnz and have never looked back. The system is straight forward and easy to use. That being said, it is also one of the most powerful systems we have seen with mobile "hot spots" for high end graphic interfaces, RSS Feeds, Social sharing, image galleries with animated transitions, You Tube video integration, Form creator with Mail Chimp integration and much more.

We have built hundreds of pages and are continually impressed with the frequent updates of features delivered by PiJinz. They listen to their users, and develop the features the community is looking for.

For advanced users they offer a custom HTML widget which allows development of incredible site features.


Ease of use
Long list of features
Updates are geared to requests by users
Excellent customer service
Fast responding user interface
Custom HTML widget for advanced users
Multi-Platform compatable


None-This is one of the best software systems I have used out of hundreds over the last 16 years.

Marie C.

Great Product and even Greater Support

Reviewed on 2014/05/08
Review Source: GetApp

I really cannot rate SignalMind highly enough. I have looked at virtually ever mobile website and app creator out there (seems a new one comes online every week!) - but after much evaluation and testing SignalMind comes out on top in my mind. Their software is easy to use for beginners and you can get a good looking site up in a really short time, but it also provides all the back end tools and customization options that an experienced developer will want to use for those "tricky" designs.
And their support team is amazing - fast responses with really detailed product knowledge and always willing to go the extra mile to get something new working.


Easy to use platform for fast, good looking results
Access to custom HTML/CSS for advanced users
Responsive and knowledgeable support team


Apps are only web-based so cannot be loaded to the app stores, BUT it's super easy to "wrap" a SignalMind website inside any app template that supports HTML links for excellent results.

Eugene E.

Great tool to create both customer's sites and your own company site

Used Weekly for 1-5 months
Reviewed on 2016/09/19
Review Source: GetApp

I was looking for an online tool that would assist me in creating a brand new responsive deign website. This solutions is very good. I have created a new site for our flagship Winforms software application. I have tied in videos and a many other features. I am looking forward to using their spreadsheet import to drive some vehicle/product tables.


Easy to learn, easy to configure (assuming you know what you are doing around websites), easy upload of images, icons and attachment files. Inexpensive and worth every minute I have invested.


Sometimes the browser IE get locked up running the HTML app. I guess you could say its IE causing it. I wish it had a way to connect to the Azure database instead of just a spreadsheet.

Rating breakdown

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Customer Support

Likelihood to recommend

Jason E.

Worked flawlessly for enterprise event mobile pages

Reviewed on 2012/02/09
Review Source: GetApp

We were tasked with adding mobile-ready information and signup pages with matching QR codes for multiple kiosks and speaking spots at our company's biggest IT industry event to date - with one week to spare. I signed on to piJnz simply because we didn't have the resources to deliver these mobile pages in time for the event.


I'm not a programmer but I was able to create several good-looking mobile pages that also linked to email signups and session event information. It definitely helped raise our profile and I had a couple key execs show up in our leads.


I thought it worked well and visitors commented that our pages looked really good. I would like to see what a real designer could do in here for our next project with some of the more advanced features.

Joe R.

Pijnz is outstanding in mobile development and customer service after delivery!!

Reviewed on 2012/02/09
Review Source: GetApp

"I've used piJnz since their early days. It is very easy to use and is very flexible. By now we've built quite a few mobile sites on piJnz, and in almost all cases piJnz platform could do what the client needed straight out of the box. In rare cases when it didn't, piJnz team provided us with customization services that were delivered quickly and at an affordable rate.

I also would like to mention that their customer support is very responsive and knowledgeable about this industry, and has provided us with valuable advice on how to get results for our clients."


Customer support is outstanding and provide a quick response.


No Cons about Pijnz. The Pijnz team is "all Pro".

Miles h.

Hands down, the best: platform, user experience and customer service.

Reviewed on 2012/11/13
Review Source: GetApp

After searching and searching for the right mobile marketing partner when I found piJnz, I knew the search was over. I literally spent 2 months looking and let me say, I have never regretted making the jump.

Using their platform is extremely easy and I am able to create beautiful mobile sites and landing pages quickly. Best of all, I do not have to worry about knowing HTML or any coding!

If I ever have a problem, the piJnz team is there to walk me through it and they jump on any questions I may have.
As a small business owner I can definitely recommend piJnz. You will not be disappointed.

Mark S.

Exactly what I was looking for!

Reviewed on 2012/02/09
Review Source: GetApp

I was searching for a mobile website solution that could accommodate a non-technical user. My ideal solution would also be web-based so we would not need to install software. piJnz fit the bill in every way.


The CMS ease of use, the ability to generate a QR code, the help section, built in social tools, the analytics and well I could go on and on but the point is, I Like It!


Nothing comes to mind, whatever issues I had with usage I was able to resolve by reading the help section.

Sergio L.

Awesome Partnership

Reviewed on 2012/02/10
Review Source: GetApp

I have been a customer for about a year and I have been very impressed from the beginning. The most impressive thing is the commitment to constantly update the platform and their willingness to listen to our needs. The customer service is simply the best. The overall approach is great, simple to use interface, loaded with functionality, and constant updating, with great customer service. I highly recommend it.


Simplicity of use and constant updating


I have no cons

Upcoming and coming company

First Impressions

Reviewed on 2013/06/06
Review Source: GetApp

I have reviewed many mobile website developers for the last two months, from the U.S., Canada, to Australia, and I find them to be very helpful, willing to answer your questions, and cooperative. I have not selected a vendor as of yet, but PiJnz ranks at the very top of our considerations. Good small company, they make you feel like family.


None yet, have not signed up


None yet, have not signed up

Alex L.

Excellent platform

Reviewed on 2014/06/16
Review Source: GetApp

Excellent platform. Many opportunities. very good and fast service. Constantly adding new modules and features.


Advantageous prices. Great basic design