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Sales forecasting & pipeline management for Highrise CRM

4.2/5 (13 reviews)
Nathaniel cassidy

Add pipeline power to Highrise with Tracks

Reviewed on 2013/03/18
Review Source: GetApp

We use Tracks alongside Highrise for managing our sales pipeline. Tracks helps make Highrise more useful by displaying deals in a proper pipeline fashion, something that Highrise is unable to do. I like the simplicity of the user interface because it is easy to use which has meant our team has picked it up really quickly and speed of deployment plays a big role in if we decide to introduce new applications within the business.

As the app is fairly new it is still being developed and there are a number of areas that could be improved;
at the moment you have to reauthorise Highrise each time you login, it would be good to be able to set dates for the next step as well as a closing date, deals aren't automatically imported from Highrise and there is no visual export of data only Excel style. However I don't see these as major issues as one of the strength of Tracks is how much effort Gregor the founder is putting into improvements and how attentive and understanding he is to the Tracks community.

We already find Tracks useful but I can see it becoming an essential part of our sales management.


Simple interface, Highrise integration, great customer service


Reauthorising Highrise each time you login, not being able to set dates for the next step, no auto import for Highrise deals yet

Geoff B.

Very Focused Tool

Reviewed on 2014/10/18
Review Source: GetApp

Very often an app wants to be all things to all people. "Great for newbies and pros alike". The result is usually a tool that succeeds in satisfying no one while its programmers stagger under a broad-front development strategy ensuring scattershot and oft delayed updates and bug fixes.

Thankfully Tracks avoids that fate. In its present incarnation, Tracks is a very functional and flexible pipeline tool (and nothing else) that your sales team will immediately incorporate into its workflow. The learning curve is literally minutes. The cost is very low. Perfect for micro to medium sized businesses that don't want to navigate expensive training classes or hire a consultant to "integrate" a tool into the company.

Support is swift and thorough since most times you'll be speaking to the owner.

And all the data your team puts in can be exported to excel should you need to manipulate it further or import it into another program.

If you're a business owner or a sales manager that wants to track sales opportunities & forecasts with a tool that has a very low barrier to entry and a very high probability it will actually get used, Tracks is a fantastic option. Highly recommended.

Ross methven

Incredibly useful tool

Reviewed on 2013/04/24
Review Source: GetApp

A fantastic tool that had a really positive impact on our business, I am not sure how we managed without it!

It really helped everyone focus on what was really important, ie. the next steps in a deal.

I have been using Tracks since the early days and it has been great to see the continuous improvements that Gregor has been making.


- All your deals on a single page
- Easy to manipulate the vie using filters
- Integrates with your Highrise deals
- Works really well on mobile and tablet devices, great usability
- Everyone in organisation "got it" and were quick to adopt


I also have a long wish list, but appreciate that adding a load of features is likely to detract from the current simplicity and ease of use.

Emmanuel R.

Basic sales pipeline application

Used Other for Free Trial
Reviewed on 2018/09/18
Review Source: GetApp


Honestly, this could be used side by side by other sales pipeline applications. But Tracks can be useful for SME/SMB that still learning its sales process and still willing to learn to incorporate into existing business process.


While learning the app is easy and literally a walk in a park, user interface can still be improved including clear help tool that aids the first time users.

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Scott miller

Reports we needed from Highrise

Reviewed on 2013/04/19
Review Source: GetApp

Tracks has given us some of what we need in terms of reporting from Highrise. I realize that we have a long list of reporting needs and are happy to have found a product that helps us get the data from Highrise that we are looking for. Gregor has been great at answering questions and giving me feedback on what I'm trying accomplish.


Data out of our Highrise data - finally!


The application can do everything we had hoped. This is not a problem with the application. It is more of an issue that we have an incredibly long wish list.

Angus bradley

all my deals on one page

Reviewed on 2013/04/17
Review Source: GetApp

Tracks shows all my highrise deals on one screen, I'm a very visual person, and this really helps me keep things up to date, and spot deals that are going a bit stale.

Easy to use, integrated with highrise easily.


All deals on one page
Deal values per month (pending, won, lost) based on your confidence scores.
Deals you havent updated in a while are coloured.


I have to authenticate with highrise every time I login. This may be just me.
No search

Erwin F.

Rating only

Reviewed on 2016/06/22
Review Source: GetApp

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Ease of Use
Customer Support

Revnow productions ltd

Most Excellent

Reviewed on 2013/02/18
Review Source: GetApp

We use Tracks as a way of keeping track of our pipeline, distinct from spreadsheets and google docs. Since the pipeline is so crucial it is great to have a clear and distinct space to keep all that info.


Gives clear shared visibility of all deals and where they are at in the sales cycle.


Limited functionality, but this also helps give clarity and the team is responsive to development requests.


Great business development tool

Reviewed on 2013/05/21
Review Source: GetApp

We started using Tracks this year to keep track the success of our marketing and proposals. We didn't need a full blown CRM; Tracks has all of the features that we need to manage our business development. It has a clean interface and is simple to use.


Great support - quick to respond to suggestions. Weekly reports sent by email. The user interface is very easy to understand and utilize.


Tracks gives us control

Reviewed on 2013/04/17
Review Source: GetApp

A straight forward and user friendly sales management tool that has and is growing with us.
We benefit in having a better internal sales function as a result.
It is used by everyone: staff and managers


Integration with Highrise
Email prompts
Drag and drop deals


Still evolving
Reliant on founder
No search function
Unsophisticated appearance

Chuck g

Highrise Integration is Excellent

Reviewed on 2014/02/06
Review Source: GetApp

Tracks has been a great tool, especially the seamless integration with high rise. I rated it a 4, but the list view that is in development will make it a 5.


Easy to set up, integration with highrise. can customize fields to your personal needs.


List (spreadsheet) view and sortable view of deals. the export is good, but would like to have the list as a view.


Simple, Yet Effective

Reviewed on 2013/04/17
Review Source: GetApp

Simple yet very effective tool. Exactly what I was looking for. You can easily see your pipeline, make quick updates, drag and drop, change the probabilities as you go down through your sales process. Much potential here.


Very simple, easy to use, nimble


Would like to see a "Notes" area where you can paste in emails or important proposal details

Fleet genius team

Does what it says on the tin

Reviewed on 2013/03/17
Review Source: GetApp

We like the Tracks because it gives us the basics we need to track sales opportunities and share them with our development team as well as sales and marketing.


Simple enough for anyone to use we especially like the weekly status report that gets distributed to our entire business so everyone is connected to the sales process.

It is very easy to get started and we're looking forward to growing with it.


It lacks some basic features that would make it a lot more useful especially with regard to basic contact management and multiple deals and reporting.