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Vicki L.

Awesome. So far so good

Used Weekly for 1-5 months
Reviewed on 2018/12/13
Review Source: GetApp


1. I love the automation of thanking my top contributors.
2. I love all of the options for automating posts
3. Set it and forget it.
4. No fuss, not too many options
5. Easy, crazy easy
6. Love that the color and all that is done. I don't have to format anything!


I'm a bit unsure if the service benefits my company at all, but I'm not sure that it a "con." I would say that's more of a neutral comment.

I have 2 negatives and they aren't bad.

1. I would imagine some would like to be able to customize the colors. The site says the colors are optimized for each social feed. However, I know some companies wouldn't be so likely to post some pink and purple stuff.

2. My other negative is that I'm not sure if I will eventually have to pay a fee if I desire to keep using the service. The site claims we should enjoy the free use and view it as a "soft launch.' I'm all for free stuff, aka I'm not complaining.

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Loralee H.

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Reviewed on 2015/09/10
Review Source: GetApp
Ben K.

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Reviewed on 2015/07/17
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