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Time Tracking Software for Business Management Automation

5/5 (2 reviews)

Best Business App that I have used

Reviewed on 2014/03/05
Review Source: GetApp

Talygen is one of the best business applications that I have ever used. I found this app in a magazine article and it was one of the most useful things I have read all year. Our company has used many different applications in the past. We recently tried Talygen and it has really made my life easy. I can easily communicate with clients and employees. We have adopted Talygen as our main application, we manage our vacations, our clients, our projects, and expenses. I think it is very easy to use and really like the fact that we can give our clients access to share communications, documents, and invoices. I have to admit I was a little hesitant at first but now I wonder how I managed my day before. We also are using the mobile apps that they have available which makes it very nice for our employees that are on the go or out of the office. My overall opinion is it is very easy to use and it does way more than I expected, it is very rich in features. We eliminated about 5 other services that we using.


Easy to use, mobile apps, desktop application, & web application. Very feature rich and a very good way to have real time data on your business. We have a global company so the multi-language feature is great


I would like to see a direct automatic integration with MS Outlook and my emails. My understanding in talking with the company is that feature will be rolling out soon

Security consultant

Best SaaS Cloud App Suite

Reviewed on 2014/02/25
Review Source: GetApp

Talygen is the first cloud app that I have seen and used that allows us to run our entire business from a single dashboard. We have a company of about 250 network security consultants spread over 12 countries in 3 continents. We have had an absolute nightmare trying to use various cloud apps to manage our far flung offices. None of the apps really work with each other. The HR app only does HR, The project management app only does PM. The expense app only does expenses. We have tried using connectors but they are expensive and more trouble than they are worth. On top of it, many of these apps don't offer international language support, which makes them impossible to use in Europe and East Asia. Finally we found Talygen and were able to actually run our company the way a company is supposed to be run. I don't have to enter my consultants name over and over again in a dozen apps. They also have a great mobile app to accompany the cloud app.


Accompanying Mobile app
Available Desktop app for offline time tracking
Screenshot and keyboard/mouse auditing available for remote employees
Client Dashboard
Built in messageboard and chat


No bitcoin support. Bitcoin is the future and every major software company that deals with invoices better get behind Bitcoin. I urge Talygen to add Bitcoin support ASAP