PHC CRM FX Reviews


Creating leads and keeping customers happy.

4.3/5 (4 reviews)
Steve richardson

Good Apps for small companies

Reviewed on 2013/12/13
Review Source: GetApp

We have been using PHC FX for almost 2 years and so far we are very pleased. Business FX Is easy to use and the complete integration with CRM and Support allows us to view the client's profile from a single access. And it's not expensive for what you get.


Integration with different tools
Easy to use
Powerful and complete real time analysis


HTML mobile client is still limited


My company everywhere

Reviewed on 2014/01/28
Review Source: GetApp

PHC FX let’s me carry may company everywhere. I can access important information on invoicing and the real status of my company wherever I am, and in any device. This is priceless for me. The new products that they launched, like PHC FX Team, let’s me keep my team on time with their actions, and we never missed a deadline.


User interface
Accessible with every device
Very complete

Sara garrido lopez

Priceless tool that comes with me

Reviewed on 2014/02/11
Review Source: GetApp

As a service assistant provider, I spend most part of my day out of the office and needed an app to manage my request in real time. This app allows me to see every request that comes in, assign to a team or technician, know it’s status from anywhere. It is a priceless tool for my daily workload.

Henry boyd

From lead to deal

Reviewed on 2014/02/11
Review Source: GetApp

This little app is great for small businesses and small teams. Everything is saved online and if you buy the Business module you can charge your customers after closing the deal. We added on Documents, to share every agreement and keep our teams up to date.