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Collaborative PSA solution for professionals

4.6/5 (5 reviews)
Emmanuel M.

Complete integrated tool

Used Weekly for 1+ year
Reviewed on 2016/08/23
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I have been using Moon since Cassotis was a one-person company. Nowadays, as a startup with employees and partners, Moon has become especially useful to keep track of our projects and prospects, analyse our results and forecasts.
Moon has such a big scope that we have not actually used all the features yet but we are exploring them according to our company growth. For us, the capability to directly connect a project expenses to an invoice is a differential that eases our administrative tasks. Also, the accounting tool lets us see how much we are investing/spending in areas as MKT, R&D, sales, etc.


Export functions
Ability to classify multiple likelihoods to prospects and invoices (and it directly interferes on graphs and forecast results)


Initially it does take some time to get used to inserting all the data, but it totally worth it.

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Cedric D.

A powerful collaborative platform for CXO and management levels

Reviewed on 2015/01/15
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I have been using MOON for a few years, first as a team leader and business developer, then at a "CEO"-like level as subscribed soon after I launched my own startup.

MOON is collaborative, meaning that it is able to collect large amounts of detailed data about projects, timesheets, prospects, products, costs projections etc., aggregate them and present high-level information about the company, such as the cash and revenue projections, hottest prospects and actions, project overrun etc. So many indicators that can be really, really time consuming to produce without such system.

I am overall very happy with the system and have been "migrating" to MOON many of my administrative tasks about my startup, for which I initially had created custom spreadsheets. Even for a one-person company, this is already faster to populate and easier to maintain!


* Web-based
* Integrated
* Collaborative
* Ease of use
* Responsive support team
* Frequent updates with awesome new features


* It does take some effort to set up the company, projects, prospects when first adopting the system, but it is well worth the effort and quickly pays off.

Lorenzo S.

A great help for our start-up

Reviewed on 2014/06/16
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Moon is proving a very valuable tool for our start up. As we grow, it helps us keep track of time spent on projects, planned and overdue invoice, new prospects, etc. The export to excel functions and direct database access enable us to link it directly to our internal visualization and reporting, resulting in great real time information and better decision making. Its flexible rights management feature means that we were able to create tailored user classes for people throughout the whole organization, enabling everyone to contribute.


Flexibility, export functions and database access, rights management


Layout, speed

Emmanuel G.

Excellent system !

Reviewed on 2016/03/07
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We mainly use it for timesheets and analytical reports. The system offers more than we need. After a year of experience, we finally get the financial data we need to better understand our busienss trends

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Value for Money
Ease of Use

Laurence B.

more effective communication and transparency

Reviewed on 2014/06/11
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In my role of Office Manager, I use Moon on a daily basis.
Moon gives me all the information I need to prepare and send invoices to clients, interact with consultants regarding time sheets, and support our CEO for preparing financial reports.
Besides my increased productivity, the tool's main added value is the more effective communication and transparency it enables among all team members.
I warmly recommend the tool for its collaborative nature.