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High productivity application PaaS, 100% cloud

4.6/5 (8 reviews)
Jeff E.

Excellent Product, Flexible, Efficient, Great Support

Reviewed on 2014/04/08
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Have been using this product for about 4 months now and have developed multiple internal-use applications, including some very complex processes that replaced about $30,000 in Salesforce license fees we were using for this specific process. Company uses Google apps and it integrates very easily with Gmail, Google Docs.

Has made a number of old internal processes obsolete, development is easy and we're looking at next steps of integration into a number of other applications that our company utilizes like Salesforce to make it even more useful within our business scope.

Biggest benefit has been the support of the Fujitsu team and the support forum. They've been quick to respond, remarkably helpful and pushed me past any roadblocks I had.

Highly recommended - incredible value for the per user license fee and possibilities vs. any other software out there.


Easy development environment, able to utilize with Google Apps, many other applications. Able to use for multiple applications, both internal and external.

Quick time to deployment, easy testing, superb support.


Only con - need to have a base knowledge of Javascript - if you have that, I haven't run into any issues.

Master concept

Excellent App that enhances your Google Apps for Business

Reviewed on 2014/03/14
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The Fujitsu RunMyProcess apps has the potential to be a truly powerful app that enables us to align our data and achieve coordination. We are very happy with the capabilities and functionality of this app as said, there is just one thing we wish to point out, which is probably specific in our use case only: we wish the app load faster on mobile devices. Despite that, we still strongly recommend the RMP app.


enable us to connect with multiple API, easy navigation


loading speed could be faster on mobile devices, more customer support and training would be great

Response from Fujitsu RunMyProcess

Thank you for the review! Did you check out our mobile app, RunMyApp? It helps manage developed applications on your mobile devices!
You can download it for free here:

Alexander V.

An app with lots of Potential

Reviewed on 2014/04/08
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To start off, this App has a steep learning curve. Once you put in the effort, it pays off. We started by using the program for one of our hotels over a year ago to create an approval process. Since then, the program has not only become something much more, it has since been installed into a total of 7 our hotels with more planned. It streamlines work flows and is cloud based so no need for physical equipment. I would recommend trying out the trial and seeing how it interacts.


Great support
Interacts well with Google Apps
Create templates in Google Apps which can be manipulated and emailed as PDF via RMP
RMP Team works to update their product (for the better) often

Jodie M.

RunMyProcess: Automated business processes in the cloud

Reviewed on 2011/11/25
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With RunMyProcess users can automate business processes which makes projects much more efficient. It is cloud based which means that you can access your software anywhere and anytime. This is useful for people who have to travel a lot.
About the design I can say that it is very appealing and the drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to build your processes.


- Full integration with the Google Apps
- Intuitive WYSIWYG tools
- You pay only per user
- automated updates

Alex L.

Incredible, easy to use and powerful tool for workflow automation

Reviewed on 2015/06/22
Review Source: Capterra

We are working on RunMyProcess to serve our client needs since 2 years now and believe me, this is a great vast platform to build many great things!
It is easy to use, drag n drop tools, integrated cloud based IDE, nice look and feel on the forms, customizations, automated compatibility with mobile apps on iOS and Android, 24x7 free public support, constant platform evols etc.

Rating breakdown

Ease of Use
Customer Support


Easy to use on desktop computer and mobile

Reviewed on 2014/03/14
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RunMyProcess runs very well in different browsers with perfect layout. On mobile device, the performance is well and unexpected quick response comparing with other product. Reality of a anytime, anywhere work flow .....

Fernando S.

Good workflow application for gmail, easy to use and implement

Reviewed on 2014/04/08
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You can create complex workflows and integrate it with several systems including SAP.


Less work required and more flow. Easy for integration.

Reviewed on 2014/01/30
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Less work required and more flow. Easy for integration.

Response from Fujitsu RunMyProcess

Thanks for the review Alex!