SAP Digital CRM

SAP Digital CRM

Simple but powerful CRM ready to grow with your business

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SAP Digital CRM Overview

SAP Digital CRM is SAP’s cloud CRM solution built for individuals and small teams. Whether you are a team of one or many, or you work in a department of a big company or have a small company of your own, SAP Digital CRMis the perfect way to start on your customer engagement journey.

SAP Digital CRM grows with your business needs. So if you think that your team has grown or you need extensive CRM features like integration to SAP or 3rd party system, extending the solution for your processes or any other advances sales, service & industry capabilities you can always upgrade to our SAP Cloud for Customer product. This upgrade is seamless, and transparent to you; all you will see are new functionality appear in your application, because you keep your instance and the upgrade happens behind the scenes.


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SAP Digital CRM Reviews

Overall rating
75% positive reviews
Very good
David L.

Simple solution to spreadsheet dilema

Reviewed on 2016/04/27
Review Source: SoftwareAdvice


In searching for a reliable replacement for using multiple spreadsheets to track pipeline and client activity I found SAP's crm product easy to use and importantly, easy to get up and running. I'm always skeptical of new solutions and the investment of time and resources involved but SAP made it pretty easy to switch over and begin using the product with minimal down time.


I would love to be able to integrate the product more with my Google apps suite, especially Gmail. SAP isn't able to tell me when and if this is coming but they deem to be responsive to the need.

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Ease of Use
Customer Support

Likelihood to recommend

Maria S.

It is easy to use and, most importantly, easy to put into operation.

Used Other for 1-5 months
Reviewed on 2018/05/09
Review Source: Capterra

SAP I have used for administrative purposes and marketing, as it is a small company it has been easy to include the portfolio of clients for their management. It has a pleasant environment, although sometimes it does not work at all well with chrome. I must say that when it comes to handling large amounts of data sometimes it takes longer than usual, I have always assumed that it is because of the size of the information.


It is a very good option for sales and marketing teams because of its easy handling, data management is within the cloud and can be configured quickly without having a large incorporation process.


It lacks the ability to integrate with third-party applications, which can be a significant weakness since it works with the cloud.

Rating breakdown

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Customer Support

Likelihood to recommend

Karan U.

A great CRM to use.

Used Weekly for 1-5 months
Reviewed on 2017/06/27
Review Source: Capterra


SAP is the market leader of CRM tools and this is no different. Great features and such ease to use. Great customer support as excepted from such a big company.


Its paid. It is difficult for a small company or a startup to begin using it from starting. Free version or trial version with longer duration must be made available.

Rating breakdown

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Customer Support

Kylie U.

Slow and clunky app

Used Monthly for 2+ years
Reviewed on 2017/03/14
Review Source: SoftwareAdvice

SAP is an extremely slow app, we use it for our volunteer organization for CRM and half the time it crashes or doesn't work.


Doesn't work on chrome very well.

Rating breakdown

Ease of Use

SAP Digital CRM Pricing

Starting from
Pricing options
Free Trial
Value for money

$23 USD per user/per month.

SAP Digital CRM Features

  • API
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Activity Tracking
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Automatic Reminders
  • CRM Integration
  • Calendar Management
  • Custom Fields
  • Customer Database
  • Customizable Branding
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Customizable Templates
  • Data Import/Export
  • Electronic Payments
  • Email Integration
  • Mobile Integration
  • Real Time Data
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Social Media Integration
  • Third Party Integration

Additional information for SAP Digital CRM

Key features of SAP Digital CRM


Whether you are from a Small and Medium business (SMB) or from a large enterprise (LE), getting rid of complexity should be your number one priority. With the release of the first generation SAP Digital CRM, here is what makes it worth a look:

Up and Running in 15 Min - SAP Digital CRM allows you to go live within 15 minutes. From the moment you locate the product on the new SAP store, to purchasing using your credit card, receiving your personal tenant, logging in, and easily loading up your data. Within minutes you can schedule the first call with one of your customers or create the first sales lead in the application, and get your sales people on it.

Easy Onboarding - The onboarding is done via a new walk-through experience, built-into the product – a first for an SAP product! There is no need for training or reading a manual, you instantly know what to do, and you can use the tool immediately to sell more or to service your customers better. As simple as that!

All Inclusive Capabilities - you get to choose any combination of the SAP Digital CRM capabilities - Sales, Service or Industry. No debate or decision needed on what to buy, no more “I need mainly Sales and a bit of Service so don’t charge me for both, please”. You get it all! To keep it simple, you will only see in the product what you selected; all the extra capabilities you don’t need will be hidden, but can turn them on the moment you need them. Clean and easy.

Simplified Buying Experience - You can buy SAP Digital CRM on the new SAP Store with just a credit card. No more big contracts. Best of all, we implemented a “utility pricing” model, so you only pay for what you use. As you create new users, at every billing cycle you get charged for only for the active users. No more, no less.

Competitively Priced, No Hidden fees - compared to competition we offer more functionality at a lower price point, and there are no hidden fees for add-on’s -- what you see is what you get. Our renewal terms are as short as three months.

Try, Buy and Grow Model - If you are still not sure, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial. The best part is that you can load your data, use the product, and if you decide to buy a subscription you can move into production mode immediately - there is no need to migrate when signing up for the subscription at a later point of time. It is all seamless and you remain on the same tenant. If you decide that you need enterprise level capabilities, it is easy to upgrade at anytime; again no migration needed, you stay on the same tenant with your data. With SAP you are able to scale from one user to thousands.

Responsive UI Design on Any Device - SAP Digital CRM runs across all devices, from desktops to tablets, to smartphones to smart-watches. You get mobility at its best, and customers are constantly telling me that our User Interface (UI) design is the best in the industry.

GetApp Analysis

If customer service is a journey, then SAP Digital CRM is the starting point where a trip begins. A simple and powerful cloud-based CRM solution from SAP, a leader in enterprise applications, SAP Digital CRM empowers individuals and teams to engage with customers, make sales, increase productivity, and promote collaboration.

As a redefined CRM solution, SAP Digital CRM offers key features, such as email customer service ticket management, account management, built-in collaboration, simplified user management, mobile capabilities, and a powerful analytics component. SAP Digital CRM also offers advanced capabilities, such as integration to SAP or third-party systems. Growing teams have the option to extend SAP Digital CRM for any other advanced sales, service, and industry capabilities.

SAP Digital CRM Desktop View

What is SAP Digital CRM?

SAP Digital CRM is a cloud-based CRM solution that eliminates the complexities often associated with customer management. Using the software, individuals and teams can create personal connections with their customers, keeping important information about interactions in a centralized location that is accessible from desktop and mobile devices.

Businesses that adopt SAP Digital CRM can be up and running with the solution in as little as 15 minutes. Onboarding is done as part of a walk-through experience, which means users don’t have to spend hours reading manuals or attending training seminars to understand the finer points of the platform.

SAP Digital CRM also boasts all-inclusive capabilities for sales, service, and industry. A responsive UI design means it runs across all devices. This seamless model makes it an ideal solution for individuals and growing teams.

SAP Digital CRM iPad App

SAP Digital CRM Main Features

Personalized Homepages

The SAP Digital CRM experience begins with personalized homepages. Using pre-configured tiles, users are able to design a homepage that makes sense for their unique situations and bring the data that’s most important to their daily workflows right to the forefront.

You can select the tiles for your homepage based on the information you rely on the most for managing your business. If a daily schedule is important, then you’ll want to select Today’s Activities. This brings details of your what you have planned for the day right to your homepage. You also have the option to launch reports (such as sales forecasts) from KPI tiles.

Homepage Tiles

Simplified Onboarding

Team onboarding can be a drag, but SAP Digital CRM has found a way around the most challenging parts of the process. With this solution, people have the ability to invite users with first name, last name, email ID, and role as the only required fields.

Once you’ve invited employees to use the solution, you’ll want to assign roles. SAP Digital CRM lets you choose from options such as “manager” or “user,” for example. Every user that you invite can be assigned administrator privileges, as well.

User Onboarding

Managing Leads and Opportunities

The real benefits of SAP Digital CRM can be seen in the platform’s lead management capabilities. Teams can manage potential business opportunities, and users have the option to qualify, score, and nurture individual leads for the best chance of converting these into sales.

You can use SAP Digital CRM to handle the end-to-end process of deal management, as it helps you accurately characterize business opportunities and gain a deeper understanding of the health and vitality of your sales pipeline.

Managing Leads

Creating Appointments

Using SAP Digital for Customer Engagement’s calendar feature, users are able to quickly display the details and activities they have scheduled for the week ahead.

Start dropping new appointments, scheduled phone calls, and in-person visits directly into your calendar. You have the option to filter information by work week, as well as calendar day, week, month, or even agenda. You can also filter information by type or by status. Using the filter icon, you can check or set the status of any item in your calendar using a special color code. (For example, red usually indicates that an item is overdue.)


Recording Site Visits

SAP Digital CRM’s mapping feature enables salespeople who work in the field to plan and record the visits they have with leads and customers. Site visits and activities that take place off-site, usually at the potential client’s office, can be easily tracked and managed.

Once you’ve enabled your field sales personnel to record their site visits, you can click over to a pre-configured map within the web-based platform. Visits are displayed in a way that is easy to visually understand. By linking this feature to the calendar module, you’re able to efficiently manage a visit itinerary and make real-time adjustments based on scheduling changes or conflicts.

Tracking Site Visits

SAP Digital CRM Integrations

SAP Digital CRM integrates with Outlook and Google contacts. One-click Twitter channel setup is available, as well.

SAP Digital CRM Pricing

Global pricing means SAP Digital CRM is available for as little as $23 per user, per month. This includes no hidden pricing and a seamless upgrade after a 30-day trial.

SAP Digital CRM Bottom Line

  • Simplified customer engagement for individuals and teams
  • Ability to manage all customer interactions in one place
  • Setup takes as little as 15 minutes
  • Straightforward onboarding processes
  • Quick response times for customer inquiries and email tickets

SAP Digital CRM FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions for SAP Digital CRM.

Q. What type of pricing plans does SAP Digital CRM offer?

SAP Digital CRM offers the following pricing plans:

Starting from: US$23,00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: Available

$23 USD per user/per month.

Q. What are the main features of SAP Digital CRM?

We do not have any information about SAP Digital CRM features

Q. Who are the typical users of SAP Digital CRM?

SAP Digital CRM has the following typical customers:

Mid Size Business, Small Business

Q. What languages does SAP Digital CRM support?

SAP Digital CRM supports the following languages:


Q. What type of pricing plans does SAP Digital CRM offer?

SAP Digital CRM has the following pricing plans:


Q. Does SAP Digital CRM support mobile devices?

We do not have any information about what devices SAP Digital CRM supports

Q. What other apps does SAP Digital CRM integrate with?

SAP Digital CRM integrates with the following applications:

Colabo, Fusion Lifecycle PLM, Identity Services, MaintiMizer, Qmarkets Idea Management, Vocalcom, eSpace Contact Center, i-Sight, i-snapshot, prevero

Q. What level of support does SAP Digital CRM offer?

We do not have any information about what support options SAP Digital CRM has