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Share a Refund analyzes your invoices from Fedex and UPS, determines which shipments are eligible for refund, automatically files refund claims for those late packages, and tracks the refund credits as they're delivered back to your shipping accounts.

Weekly reporting details all activities within to a customer's shipping accounts, including: how many shipments were late, how many refund claims were filed, and how many refund credits were delivered.

Weekly payments are billed to a credit card is stored on file. The performance-based commission fee, 50% of any of the refunds delivered within the last week, is applied to any refund credits delivered within the last 7 days.

Claims for packages delivered late, billed twice or unshipped are automatically filed by Share a Refund, using the best practices for maximizing refund credits, including: filing the refund claims within the required number of days, providing all information requested within a refund claim and filing only claims on packages where a refund is eligible.

Share a Refund offers three ways to engage: Direct customers, affiliate customers, white-label customers.

1. Direct Customers. Companies shipping packages on their own account and meter numbers for shipping companies use Share a Refund to better audit their shipping activity and automatically file refund claims with FedEx and UPS.

2. White-label Partners. 3PL, Third-party logistics, pick pack and ship companies use Share a Refund to offer value-add shipment auditing services to their logistics outsourcing customers.

3. Affiliate partners. Share a Refund offers a healthy commission to customers who refer other customers.

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Key benefits of Share a Refund

Share a Refund is an app that automates the refunding of shipping costs from FedEx and UPS. Any package that is delivered late, unshipped or twice-billed is entitled to a full refund, and Share a Refund automates of finding these shipments and processing refund claims.

All refund credits are delivered in the form of credits to a shipper's account, and applied to future invoices.

Reclaiming refund credits. 1 in 10 packages are delivered late, and most of these are eligible for a refund, but analyzing each package takes time and filing refund claims is a lot of work. This is why $2.5 Billion in refund credits went unclaimed in 2015. Share a Refund carefully analyzes each shipment for tardiness, and automatically files refund claims when a package is delivered late.

Refunding unshipped packages. UPS charges companies for packages even if they never ship them. This is a common-place issue for companies that ship multi-piece orders. Share a Refund notes the shipping labels that are never used, and automatically voids them.

Removing double charges. FedEx and UPS make mistakes. Share a Refund analyzes all invoices for duplicate charges, and automatically submits refund claims for any duplicate charges.

Multiple shipping accounts. The application is able to handle several UPS and FedEx accounts within the same customer account.

International shipments are supported. Shipment auditing for packages sent internationally is supported.

International customers. FedEx and UPS offer a money back guarantee in most countries. Share a Refund was built to support customers in all countries where the money back guarantee is available.

No lengthly contracts. Share a Refund allows users to cancel at any time.

Easy sign up. Creating an account is quick and easy. No upfront fee is required.

Responsive and mobile optimized. Share a Refund was built to be accessible on desktops, tablets and phones alike.


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English, French, German, Spanish


The Share a Refund dashboard
View all shipment details with Share a Refund
Refund invoice overview
Save 2-5% on shipping with Share a Refund
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Share a Refund screenshot: The Share a Refund dashboard Share a Refund screenshot: View all shipment details with Share a Refund Share a Refund screenshot: Refund invoice overview Share a Refund screenshot: Save 2-5% on shipping with Share a Refund


Total features of Share a Refund: 12

  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Audit Management
  • Auditing & Claim Filing Services
  • Automated Claim Filing
  • Cost Recovery
  • Customer Accounts
  • Labeling
  • Refund Opportunity Identification
  • Shipping Cost Tracking
  • Shipping Labels
  • Shipping Management
  • Third Party Management



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No upfront cost, automates the shipping refund process.

Reviewed on 2018/07/10


What I love- there are no upfront fees, and no monthly subscription costs. If you ship quite a lot of packages, you are missing out by not having a system like Share A Refund to keep track of your shipping. When you've paid for Express or Priority mail, it can be frustrating when the packages aren't delievered in the time frame you expect.

Share a Refund analyzes all shipments on your account, and reports to you when refunds were necessary to be filed. It processes the refund claims automatically, which does same a bit of time. It helps automate the refund process, and keeps you as the business owner invested in the best customer service possible, because it's so easy.


I do feel 50% is a bit high. I'd be far more comfortable at 30%, even 35%. Shipping is already a large cost of running a business, and for those that are late, customers generally will hesitate shopping again when they need something at a specific date, so you've lost money via sales and via the refunds, by losing half of any refund.

I'd also like to see an integration for WooCommerce. It is the backbone for so many emerging E-Commerce sites, it'd be really great to have an integration for it, though they do support Magneto and Shopify. WooCommerce would be just another great addition.

Share a Refund FAQs

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Share a Refund offers the following pricing plans:

  • Pricing model: Free
  • Free Trial: Not Available

Share a Refund collects 50% of the refund credits delivered. There are no upfront fees, and no ongoing fees. Share a Refund continually analyze your shipping accounts for free, and report on any refunds delivered weekly. This is a performance-based service. If FedEx or UPS deliver $20 in savings in a given week, then a credit card on file is charged $10, or half of the total savings delivered. If there are no savings delivered, then you pay nothing.

We do not have any information about Share a Refund features

Share a Refund has the following typical customers:

2-10, 11-50, 51-200, 201-500, 501-1 000, 1 001+

Share a Refund supports the following languages:

English, French, German, Spanish

Share a Refund supports the following devices:

Share a Refund integrates with the following applications:

3dcart, Bigcommerce, Magento Commerce, QuickBooks Online Advanced, Shopify

Share a Refund offers the following support options:

Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support

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