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Anytime, anywhere remote support from ConnectWise Control lets you remotely control devices and help your customers whether they’re around the corner or around the world. Exceed service delivery expectations with fast, reliable, secure remote support that offers instant connectivity, scalable security features, and seamless integration. Support your customers from anywhere with an internet connection, keep working confidently despite ever-present cyberthreats with out-of-the-box functionality like AES-256 encryption and two-factor authentication, and do it all at a price that works for your business.


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ConnectWise Control Reviews

Overall rating
96% positive reviews
Very good

This used to be an awesome product for tech support. Now it is just great.

Used Daily for 2+ years
Reviewed on 3/1/2019
Review Source: Capterra

Support staff is always professional. But the way they get information from us and use it as to features on the product and what we like and dislike was really poorly done.


I *used* to like the "Toolbox" till they broke it.
Ability to reboot computer and stay connected.
Screen drawing.. but that is bittersweet as the feature was VERY BADLY written. Whomever wrote, clearly did not use it to try and talk someone through something on their computer.
The ability to dynamically group computers by client and tags is AMAZING!!! I love that I can code searches for my groups.
Ability to rename computers.
See how long computers have been off-line
The plugin system that allows me to greatly enhance the way I interact with the interface.
Ability to create user accounts and control their security. (Still waiting for ability to limit how many connections they use)
The fact that I can run it off my own server is AWESOME!


I used to love that I could use the "Toolbox" to execute my tech tools while working on computers. Just pick it from the list... have it download to C:\SomeFolder and then open that folder and all the tools were there. I could clean viruses, restart the computer, go back and continue. That is no more though. After I bought the software they changed it. Now the tools download to the users "Documents" folder. The users get mad at me for digging through their "Docuemtns" folder to try and find "my folder" where the tools download too. It is hard to get to the folder. It is impossible to set exclusions on the virus shield because the folder name changes as it in the users profile. If they have bad internet or I leave a scanning tool running a long time, lose connection, the folder is removed and so are the tools. I have to start all over. This software SUCKS NOW! They completely changed it. The worst part is... they did not have too. They could have easily let it continue to work the way it was and given us some toggles and variables to control its behavior. Bad programming really. They say this app was written by techs for techs.. I think that may have been true once. Not any longer.

Lack of hotkeys... To move between screens and clear the screen drawing.
Inability to set the color of the screen drawing.
No button to set "Auto" sizing on the resolution.
"Acquire Lock" feature never seems to work.
I would list more but I am out of space.

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Customer Support

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Fantastic product - always improving

Used Daily for 2+ years
Reviewed on 1/8/2019
Review Source: Capterra

Fantastic. Overall it's features, pricing and security is unbeatable in the industry.


We've hosted our on Control server and it is super easy to install and maintain.
Using the software to provide remote support has never failed because they provide multiple methods for creating connections for all operating systems.
The web interface provides basic information about the connected computer but you can download and install plugins to gather information about processes, services, events and software.
The screen snapshot is large enough to see if the computer is in use and small enough so you can't read what's on the screen.
Through the web interface you can customize a number of things like icons, labels and branding.
Through the server config files you can customize a number of other settings.
You can create temporary sessions just for one-time remote support or install the program for on-demand remote access.
On-demand remote access can be organized in session groups for easier management and security
Users can be created and assigned to specific session groups.
Access and commands can be audited.
While a session is connected a time line is kept to help troubleshoot connectivity issues.


The price to purchase screen connect was reasonable for a small business. When it was purchased by Connectwise the price to purchase it out right was quadruple the original price. If you have 100 plus machines to support then divided across the 100 machines is still cheaper than a comparable product. But if you only use it for temporary sessions it is hard to justify. However, Control is bundled with Connectwise Automate so you get Control for nearly nothing when subscribing to Automate.

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Customer Support

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Customer focussed support

Used Daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed on 1/8/2019
Review Source: Capterra

I have used most remote support platforms over the years, and overall I find ConnectWise Control to be a solid performer, with backup support that is timely, friendly and professional. There are numerous other features which I have not mentioned here. My advise - give it a try!!


ConnectWise Control is a fully featured remote support platform that does exactly what it says it will do "Remote Support That Just Works". Being cloud based, it allows support sessions to be started from anywhere that an internet connection exists.

I predominantly use Apple platforms, and I find the desktop and mobile applications work seamlessly when supporting Windows clients.

I particularly like the Support and Access features, the former being most suited to temporary support sessions, and the latter for effortless connection to clients on an ongoing as required basis. Access also allows client machine connections to be saved with Machine or user defined Specific value for machine name and additionally Organisation name, which simplifies the process of selecting the machine with the ability to save . A nifty feature built into Support allows for push installation of the Access agent, in the background, where ongoing support is deemed necessary. A handy Build Installer provides all possible machine connection build options.

Visual indicators show when Host and Client machines are connected to ConnectWise Control, which takes the guesswork out of knowing when your clients are online and have connected successfully.

Help and support features built right into the portal save time.

Another nifty feature is a visual record of clients running older versions of the support agent, complete with the ability to push the updated client out to affected machines.


A software agent needs to be installed on machines before support sessions can be established, and while the process is straight-forward, the need for users to click on the installer after it has downloaded is missed by some users.

I also find that when switching between my local desktop and the remote desktop, at times the remote machine responses are not as expected. I simply press the command key (Mac) while highlighting the remote machine and this usually overcomes the issue, or disconnect and reconnect the session.

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Ease of Use
Customer Support

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Easy, Fast, Reliable, Robust - Not much more I could ask for.

Used Daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed on 11/26/2018
Review Source: Capterra

Overall, we're very happy with the purchase and performance and would recommend the product to anyone. It's fast, reliable, easy to use, competitively priced and their support has been great to work with the few times we've reached out.


I love how quickly I can navigate my inventory, how quickly machines show up once the agent is installed, how quickly a connection is established, and how robust the suite of tools are that I have to interact with the endpoint. File transfers are simple and intuitive (no digging around wondering where the file landed), and the connection doesn't take up a ton of bandwidth so even users in areas with poor internet can still get the help they need.

It's also extremely fast and easy to update the agent on the endpoints.


I can't RDP connect, only VNC. Sometimes it would be very helpful to connect to the machine without unlocking the screen to the end user. This seems like a basic feature that is standard on many other remote support tools but isn't built into Screen Connect. This is probably the most important feature request I have made.

I wish there was an option to make the chat more "attention-getting" as most users simply don't notice when I start chatting with them if they're not expecting it. I have to call the user to begin their support.

I haven't seen a remote lock (make the HDD inaccessible) or kill feature (wipe the drive after its been stolen and is unrecoverable). This would be a huge help as well.

There have been bugs with "Cloud Administrator" printers getting installed on endpoints that stay there after the connection closes. It's a bug from a previous build that hasn't fully been fixed yet.

Some of the vernacular isn't easily understood (for example, "End" removes the endpoint from the console instead of just ending a session that might be stuck open). If you read through the explanation that's included with each option, it becomes clear but it seems like a poor word choice.

Sometimes the connection gets finicky and takes a minute to reconnect if the user logs out of their windows profile. Thankfully the connection is maintained, but its a bit clunky.

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Ease of Use
Customer Support

Likelihood to recommend


Geat product very reliable and good value

Used Daily for 1+ year
Reviewed on 11/20/2018
Review Source: Capterra

I think the previous box covered it as best as I can. you spend a lot on advertising your new and other products but it is impossible to buy them when the sales people ignore you even when your a current customer. I have had so many little issues that should have never happened and not been treated very well and fixing them only caused more problems that cost me and caused major problems for my company and our ability to support our customers. While I like the product I am very disappointed with the back office staff and how issues are handled and customers are ignored even whey they are begging for help. I left another vendor to come here when I had an amazing sales rep held me and get my onboarding taken care of and help me in every step of they way learn the basic of the product. She even tried 2 times to get me in touch with other departments for MSP products I needed with no luck before she left the company. I Am about to sign up with PCmatic later this week as I need a MSP product and wish it could have been with Connnectwise . I am not sure if I will stay wit the product I had one heck of a ride in my year and a half or so and issues that should have never happened and when they did should have never been handled the way they did that crippled my company. I apologize if my review may upset anyone but you did ask for it I am taking the time to be honest and tell you my true experience It is important to know the truth on how the customer feels. I hope it helps you.


Very reliable, The ability to preview desktops is a huge plus and adding 3rd party plug ins is wonderful.


Wish it had a roll out tool for installing on multiple computers. The platform does go down from time to time and you can self fix it by moving your system to a different location yourself. There are issues with the license counter and many times it says I am out of licenses and we are unable to use the product when we still have license available not being used. Two support requests tickets have been sent and they never respond. Support is a hit and miss. Email support and they will not reply or respond so it is useless , Chat support is hit or miss depending on who you get but if you get the right person it is great. Sales is very disappointing I have been using the product for over a year and so many times I tried to contact sales by email and phone about buying other products the sales reps will never call you back or respond so I gave up and went with another vendor. The sales rep I was working with that was amazing when I started with the Connectwise no longer works there so I am just left floating out here. When I had issues with my license it was a nightmare and ended up costing me a bunch of money to fix I have to repay for my subscription I was already paid for. I gave up trying to resolve the issue paying for something that I already paid because my company was down I needed the product working so we can support our customers. I still have a balance on my account due that I do not owe from that nightmare. Its a good product but there are serious back office issues.

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Ease of Use
Customer Support

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ConnectWise Control Pricing

Starting from
Pricing options
Free Trial
Value for money

Annual pricing starting from $19 per tech/month. Month-to-month pricing starting from $24 per tech/month.

ConnectWise Control Features

  • API
  • Chat
  • Projections

  • Access Control
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Activity Tracking
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Commenting
  • Communication Management
  • Customizable Branding
  • Document Management
  • Document Storage
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • File Management
  • Permission Management
  • SSL Security
  • Search Functionality
  • Third Party Integration

Additional information for ConnectWise Control

Key features of ConnectWise Control


Collaborate with other techs and work on a sole session simultaneously.
Ad hoc support sessions allow for fast session creation and simple connections for users .
Transmit chat messages from the web UI to individual or group machines.
Session event triggers can automate actions, such as sending emails, depending upon system events.
Screen preview from the web UI to view if a machine is being utilized before connecting.
Central web application is the meeting point between your techs and customers.
Access from anywhere- gives you the ability to manage issues wherever there is an Internet connection.
Multiple-session support allows techs to work on multiple sessions simultaneously.
Multiple invitation: email invitations, session codes, and publicly visible sessions
Unlimited participants can join and view your online presentations.
Control and view machines through fully functional client.
Chat with users through an out-of-the-way interface.

GetApp Analysis

ScreenConnect is a centralized remote desktop application that comes with remote access, remote support, and remote meeting features necessary for technicians to more effectively assist their customers. The app allows you to remotely access an end user’s device, so you can manage and control the installations on their machines with ease, attended or unattended.

The app’s remote meeting functionality lets users initiate meeting sessions with other technicians to discuss customer problems and find better solutions, and if needed, onboard another technician in a customer support session for collaboration. ScreenConnect can be customized to reflect your company’s branding. It works well with Windows, OSX, and Linux platforms, with mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices, allowing you to support any device from any platform.

ScreenConnect provides a customizable platform where technicians and customers meet for remote access, remote support, and remote meeting sessions.

What is ConnectWise Control?

ScreenConnect is a tool that lets technicians remotely access customer devices from anywhere where there’s Internet connection. It functions as the meeting point between customers and technicians, and gives support reps the ability to provide satisfactory technical assistance, minus the usually lengthy phone or chat sessions where relaying instructions to customers who aren’t tech-savvy is a frustrating experience for both parties.

Customers can be invited to join sessions through an email link, session codes, and publicly available session portals where guests select a session from a list. ScreenConnect gives you the ability to first preview if a device is being used prior to connecting, and technicians can participate in multiple support sessions simultaneously. The remote meeting feature can be used for presentations or training, and any number of participants can join.

The host page is where you create and manage ad hoc support sessions.

ConnectWise Control Main Features

Remote Support

ScreenConnect’s remote support capability allows technicians to create ad hoc support sessions to monitor and take control of customers’ servers or workstations, and offer them faster, more efficient technical assistance. The app comes with a centralized control panel that’s fully customizable and brandable, where users can create and manage sessions, and launch them on the fly whenever the need arises.

Remote support sessions can be initiated from any Internet-connected device. To ensure data security, ScreenConnect employs various security protocols: AES-256 encryption for each session, SSL certificate, role-based access permissions, audit logs, and other security layers that include granular permissions and multiple authentication methodologies.

ScreenConnect lets you specify user roles, including the tasks each role is authorized to carry out.

Remote Access

In ScreenConnect lingo, remote access signifies unattended access. It means persistent access to your customers’ networks or computers via an access client downloaded to their systems. To begin the process, first create the client by clicking on the (+) sign to the right of the Access section on the ScreenConnect host page. The Build Installer dialog box will appear where you’ll be asked to name the client by using either the machine’s name or a specific value.

Next, enter the organization’s name, select the remote device’s operating system from the dropdown menu to determine the type of installer to download, and then click on the Download Installer button. You can immediately start an unattended support session once the client is deployed to the customer’s computer.

To remotely access computers and workstations even when they're unattended, an access client must first be installed on the said machines

Remote Meeting and Presentation

ScreenConnect’s remote meeting and presentation feature allows users to conduct training sessions, collaborate with other technicians, provide project status updates to team members, and present product demos to customers or potential clients, among other things. This feature is anchored on the app’s ability to share a user’s computer screen with one up to an unlimited number of users. The presenter can also choose to have participants share their screens to others in the session.

ScreenConnect lets you send remote meeting invitations to guests through email or your website, record sessions for future review or replay, switch screens from presenter to participant and vice versa, generate session codes, capture screenshots, and chat with attendees via an unobtrusive message box to the right of the screen. On-the-go participants can join meetings using their Android or iOS devices.

The remote meeting feature is specifically built for remote collaboration, training, and demonstration purposes.

Branding and Customization

ScreenConnect provides branding and customization options that allow you to personalize the software according to your unique business needs. You can customize the app’s look and feel: colors, logo, desktop icon, favicon, and themes. Built-in themes that you can use right out of the box are available, and you can also create your own from scratch.

The command prompt, menu items, and the dialog boxes can be set to your local language. Full access to the software’s HTML and CSS code is provided, and you can specify how customers and technicians access your installation. ScreenConnect can be embedded to your website or deployed using a subdomain. Specific features can also be enabled or disabled.

Customizations can be done for the web interface, access agents, and even the length of your session codes.

Shared Toolbox

ScreenConnect comes with a nifty Shared Toolbox feature that allows technicians to share and run executables or other files on customers’ machines in just a few clicks. File sharing on guest computers can be done individually or simultaneously. A timeline view of the customers’ machines is available to verify that the needed files have been run.

To share files from your local drive to a customer’s computer, first, connect to a guest machine, select the Toolbox menu and click Manage. When the Shared Toolbox dialog box appears, you can immediately do three things: create a new directory or folder, upload files, or upload an entire directory. The files can be run or copied to the guest machine once uploaded to the Shared Toolbox folder.

ScreenConnect's Shared Toolbox allows you to quickly and easily install executables and other files on your customers' machines.

ConnectWise Control Integrations

ScreenConnect provides an API that allows you to connect the ticketing, helpdesk, CRM, RMM, and ITSM tools your organization already uses.

ConnectWise Control Pricing

ScreenConnect offers four pricing packages: One, Basic, Standard, and Premium. One costs $19 per technician per month, if billed annually, offers one license per account, and supports up to 10 access agents per license and a single tech registration. Basic, which starts at $39 per tech per month, can accommodate multiple licenses and up to 50 agents per tech or license, and offers a mobile technician license.

Standard, which starts at $49 per tech per month, supports multiple licenses per account, a mobile tech license, up to 100 access agents per tech/license, a remote command line, VoIP, sound capture, and the ability to view and control Android devices.

Premium, which costs $64 per tech per month, if billed annually, covers multiple licenses, 200 agents per tech or license, a mobile tech license, remote command line, VoIP, sound capture, wake-on-LAN, video auditing, and the capacity for viewing and controlling Android devices.

Custom enterprise packages are available, the pricing for which you can avail from the sales team. ScreenConnect can likewise be deployed on-premise, where pricing starts at $2,195.

Free trials are offered.

ConnectWise Control Bottom Line

  • Remote support, remote access, and remote meeting capabilities in one centralized application
  • Lets technicians collaborate on single sessions simultaneously to quickly and more effectively address customer issues
  • Easy uploading and sharing of files
  • Works with virtually any platform: Windows, OSX, Linux, and mobile devices
  • Customizable user interface for branding consistency
  • Apps available for iOS and Android devices

ConnectWise Control FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions for ConnectWise Control.

Q. What type of pricing plans does ConnectWise Control offer?

ConnectWise Control offers the following pricing plans:

Starting from: $19/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: Available

Annual pricing starting from $19 per tech/month. Month-to-month pricing starting from $24 per tech/month.

Q. What are the main features of ConnectWise Control?

We do not have any information about ConnectWise Control features

Q. Who are the typical users of ConnectWise Control?

ConnectWise Control has the following typical customers:

Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profit, Public Administrations, Small Business

Q. What languages does ConnectWise Control support?

ConnectWise Control supports the following languages:


Q. What type of pricing plans does ConnectWise Control offer?

ConnectWise Control has the following pricing plans:


Q. Does ConnectWise Control support mobile devices?

ConnectWise Control supports the following devices:


Q. What other apps does ConnectWise Control integrate with?

ConnectWise Control integrates with the following applications:

CloudBerry Backup, ConnectWise Automate, ConnectWise Automate, ConnectWise Manage, Slaask, Zendesk

Q. What level of support does ConnectWise Control offer?

ConnectWise Control offers the following support options:

FAQs, Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials