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About Brightflag

Brightflag - formerly Legalshine - is an eBilling and legal spend analytics platform for in-house legal teams. The software uses AI (artificial intelligence) language analysis technology to help legal operations teams and in-house counsel to auto-review invoices, understand spend data, compare providers, drive cost savings, and improve efficiency.

Through automated invoice review, Brightflag helps organizations to track, monitor and report their legal spending, reduce costs and streamline the management of outside counsel. The software reads the narrative lines on each invoice, then flags any billing guideline violations, overcharging or inefficient use of law firm resources, saving hours of costly, manual review.

Brightflag reads, understands, codes and categorizes every invoice line, helping users to understand how each matter has been resourced. Brightflag use AWS as their hosting partner to provide best-in-class security and performance. Thanks to language analysis technology, Brightflag requires minimal set up and implementation time.

Key benefits of Brightflag

  • Brightflag adhere to ISO 27001 information security standards and guarantee the safety of sensitive legal spend data.

  • The software automatically reviews every invoice narrative to provide a simple analysis of where each invoice should be reduced.

  • Brightflag goes beyond flagging, and mimicks human invoice-review to uncover breaches of general best practices and guidelines.

  • Language analysis technologies eliminate the need for outside law firm involvement and Brightflag can be easily implemented into existing processes.

  • ROI is evident immediately thanks to Brightflag's automated invoice review, which saves hours of costly manual bill review.

  • Reporting and comparison tools help users to better understand how their work is being resourced by external firms.

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    • Cost Analysis
    • Document Review
    • ISO Management
    • Invoice Processing
    • Monitoring
    • Spend Analysis



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    Brightflag FAQs

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    Brightflag offers the following pricing plans:

    • Pricing model: Subscription
    • Free Trial: Not Available

    Contact Brightflag for detailed pricing information.

    Brightflag offers the following features:

    • Automated invoice review
    • Guideline violation flagging
    • ISO 27001
    • Language analysis
    • Review fields
    • Spend analysis

    Brightflag has the following typical customers:

    Small Business, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business

    Brightflag supports the following languages:


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    Phone Support

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