WaveMaker HyScale

Visual DevOps platform for automated app containerization

About WaveMaker HyScale

WaveMaker HyScale is a cloud-based system for managing and automating the containerization and onboarding of applications. It provides DevOps teams with the tools to onboard, containerize, and deliver applications in a visual way, as well as offering features for change tracking, automatic deployment, and more. It aims to give businesses clear visibility into changes happening at container stack configuration, environment and deployment levels.

WaveMaker HyScale facilitates the automation of workflows for DevOps teams including app deployment and containerization so that users can operate at the scale of deployment. Containers for packaging and deploying apps require a very specific delivery workflow and so WaveMaker HyScale has developed a container-based workflow which allows users to create a single container image from a pre-built template, update apps by re-building containers, and fix issues by deploying new containers.

In order to aid the process of containerizing and deploying apps of any type, WaveMaker HyScale offers features including the standardization and reuse of app stacks, self-service for DevOps to eliminate the need for tickets, integration into existing pipelines, instant push to Kubernetes, and automated containerization. Users can create app stack templates and blueprints to reuse at a later date for updates or bugs and to deploy apps into multiple container runtime environments. Change tracking also provides users with visibility into previous versions of containers, and a full audit trail is logged within the system to provide transparency to all team members.

Key benefits of WaveMaker HyScale

  • Plug WaveMaker HyScale into existing pipelines for easy and seamless onboarding of apps. There’s no need to re-create pipelines to integrate HyScale.

  • Adopt a fully visual approach to creating containers and app configuration with WaveMaker HyScale’s user interface.

  • Create templates of app stacks and environments and store them within WaveMaker HyScale to reuse at a later date in order to speed up the process of deploying live apps.

  • Ensure full transparency between team members working on a project with versioning and change tracking within the app delivery pipeline. A full audit trail is stored to provide insight into who made which changes.

  • Deploy app containers and auto-generated YAML files to Kubernetes with one-click integration. Kubernetes clusters can also be managed as a single pane within HyScale.

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    Track app deployments and infrastructure with visual data display
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    WaveMaker HyScale screenshot: Track app deployments and infrastructure with visual data display


    Total features of WaveMaker HyScale: 14

    • Active Directory Integration
    • Applications Management
    • Audit Trail
    • Auditing
    • Change Management
    • Collaboration Tools
    • Customizable Templates
    • Employee Self Service
    • Pipeline Management
    • Project Templates
    • Projections
    • Software Development Kit
    • Version Control
    • Workflow Management



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    WaveMaker HyScale FAQs

    Below are some frequently asked questions for WaveMaker HyScale.

    WaveMaker HyScale offers the following pricing plans:

    • Pricing model: Subscription
    • Free Trial: Available

    Contact WaveMaker for pricing information.

    WaveMaker HyScale offers the following features:

    • Active Directory integration
    • App containerization
    • App delivery
    • Application development
    • Applications management
    • Audit trail
    • Change management
    • Change tracking
    • Collaboration tools
    • Container tracking
    • Customizable templates
    • Dynamic workflow
    • Employee self service
    • Instant push to Kubernetes
    • Pipeline management
    • Project templates
    • Software deployment
    • Software development kit
    • Software management
    • Standardization
    • Version control
    • Workflow management

    WaveMaker HyScale has the following typical customers:

    Small Business, Mid Size Business

    WaveMaker HyScale supports the following languages:


    We do not have any information about what devices WaveMaker HyScale supports

    WaveMaker HyScale integrates with the following applications:

    Chef Enterprise Automation Stack, Docker Cloud, Microsoft Azure

    WaveMaker HyScale offers the following support options:

    Phone Support, Online Support, Knowledge Base, FAQs, Video Tutorials

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