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Sesame by Utopia.AI is a cloud-based voice biometric identification solution which uses natural speech to identify callers in real time, by creating voice prints from previous calls without requiring caller enrollment.

Sesame’s voice biometrics technology can be used to automatically authenticate caller identities. Call centers in the insurance, healthcare, and finance sectors can use these tools to identify callers during conversations, without interruption. Clients’ voices, languages, ages, and genders can be identified automatically and used to facilitate tailored services, without requiring agents to collect this data from callers. Sesame can also analyze caller vocabulary, emotional state, and sentiment during a call, providing users with additional information while the call is ongoing.

Integrating Sesame with predictive dialers enables the automatic detection of answering machines, which can improve agent productivity by ensuring they only engage with live calls. Sesame is also able to automatically filter unwanted, spam or nuisance calls based on callers’ voices and data collected from previous calls. With voice biometrics technology, the device the caller is using has no bearing on their identification and filtering by the system.

Key benefits of Sesame

  • The voice biometrics technology allows call centers to identify their callers during a conversation, to ensure that callers are who they say they are.

  • Services can be tailored automatically using automatic identification and classification of clients’ voices, ages, genders, and languages to collect data throughout the conversation, with no prior enrollment required.

  • Irrelevant or unwanted telephone calls can be filtered using voice identification from previous calls to automatically filter incoming nuisance or spam calls.

  • Sesame can be integrated with predictive dialers to automatically detect answering machines and only pass on live calls to agents.

  • The emotional state, vocabulary, and sentiment of callers can be analyzed during the conversation to provide additional information for users.

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    • Answering Machine Detection
    • Anti Spam
    • Authentication
    • Biometrics
    • Data Capture and Transfer
    • Filtering
    • IVR / Voice Recognition
    • Multi-Language
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Speech-to-Text Analysis


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