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MVISIA is a deep learning tool designed to help businesses program computer vision and machine learning solutions. The platform helps teams connect with different types of cameras such as IP, USB, and CCTV to automate monitoring of visual processes.

It learns details related to the images recorded by the cameras and maintained in the platform's image bank. This instructs the software to monitor and identify specific aspects that appear in recording cameras. It reproduces the human ability to see an environment and search for events and pre-defined standards, with the ability to analyze the processes in a completely objective way and without being susceptible to failure.

With the adoption of this technology, companies in the industrial sector expand control over their production lines and have the chance to identify a fault or defective product early, before it is packed and marketed.


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MVISIA parts assembly inspection
MVISIA computer vision
MVISIA cable quality control
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ESOS screenshot: MVISIA parts assembly inspection ESOS screenshot: MVISIA computer vision ESOS screenshot: MVISIA cable quality control


Total features of ESOS: 9

  • Activity Dashboard
  • ERP
  • Monitoring
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Visualization


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