IoT infrastructure for energy providers and their customers

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Greencom operates an IoT infrastructure for energy providers and their customers to help manage energy devices. Devices can include photovoltaic systems, battery storage systems, heat pumps, and electric car charging stations. Energy providers can monitor the decentralized devices via the IoT and measure their consumption. It allows providers to develop entirely new tariffs. It could include, for example, Heating-as-a-Service, flat-rate energy, or special tariffs for electric-cars.

The targeted audience of end-users uses Greencom technology to manage energy generation, consumption, reduce costs, and share electricity within communities. Thus, it allows customers, for example, to split the electricity charging costs for shared electric cars. The Greencom network acts as an intermediary between energy providers and their customers.

Besides electricity, new tariffs can also include hardware and services because Greencom logs the availability of devices, such as photovoltaics and wall boxes for electric cars. Energy providers do not have to expand payment or data acquisition systems since linking a decentralized system allows data to be easily merged and import into existing IT systems. Providers can differentiate themselves via new offers and possibly achieve better margins.


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  • Billing Rate Management
  • Communication Management
  • Customer Management
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