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About bSource

BSource™ is a content management application, especially designed for enterprises. It is created for companies seeking the easiest, fastest and most secure way to syncronize and manage content onto the iPads of their field personnel without paying cloud storage fees. BSource includes live help desk support by phone and email.
Unlike other content management and syncing apps that are complicated to use, BSource is not a cloud storage service. It is very easy to use and gives your administrator total control over every document sent directly from the home office to the field iPad.

• Gives your administrator the power to easily manage and sync documents from a desktop computer to hundreds or thousands of remote iPad users
• Allows each iPad user to receive and manage their own custom assortment of documents
• Permits the administrator to recall, replace or set documents to expire and control exactly how the documents are used or viewed
• Does not rely on a constant connection
• Allows your admin to easily send messages to one or thousands of different iPad users
• Is NOT a cloud storage service - saving you time and keeping your content safe.

Use the scroll bar function that appears at the bottom of every screen to instantly notify about, for example, a recalled product. You’ll save thousands every time a recalled item is prevented from accidentally being ordered.
Use BSource to sync and manage content such as:

• Promotional information
• MSDS Sheets
• Invoices
• Product Images
• Diagrams and Planograms
• Reports
• Manuals
• Memos
• Commission Statements
• Videos
• Podcasts

With BSource, the administrator only needs to place a document one time in order to sync that document with hundreds or thousands of remote iPads. The BSource administrator has total control of which documents are to be synced and when, how those documents may be viewed and when those documents will expire. The administrator can determine the manner in which the documents are to be synchronized – automatically or via alert notification.
The BSource viewer is easy for your iPad users to operate and allows all types of documents. Having one-touch access to all of this critical information keeps every field iPad user completely connected with the most current documents. That means increased sales and better customer service as the remote iPad contains the most current and relevant documents for the ultimate high touch experience with your customers.
Since your company produces content that needs daily distribution, your iPad users need a fast and easy way to receive and manage their content updates. With BSource, you line up a document or folder to sync once and get on with your day. At the admin’s option, BSource updates automatically, eliminating the need to double-check with the user that they received what you sent.

Key benefits of bSource

Improve sales and marketing productivity.
Enjoy total document security, especially for high-level materials.
Give powerful, memorable presentations to customers in the field.
Sync thousands of iPads on-demand or automatically with a central location.
Send instant messages to your entire outside staff.
Reduce or eliminate printing costs and correct errors with a click instead of a re-print.
Save IT staff time by syncing entire BSource folders at once.
Use the app without relying on a constant connection—access your material offline.
Avoid recurring cloud storage fees—they add up!
Determine when documents will expire, be recalled, or be replaced.
Talk to a real person for your training and help desk.


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Total features of bSource: 2

  • Content Management
  • Instant Messaging


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bSource FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions for bSource.

bSource offers the following pricing plans:

  • Pricing model: One Time License, Subscription
  • Free Trial: Available

Pricing varies, but bSource includes setup, testing and training, not to mention help desk support by phone and email. There are no cloud storage frees - ever. Contact Ai2 for a proposal today.

bSource offers the following features:

  • Complete Data Safety
  • Content Management
  • File Distribution
  • File Organization, Favorites, Folders, Lists
  • File Sharing
  • Folder Syncing
  • Handles Any File Type That The iPad Does
  • Incredibly Easy To Use
  • Large PDFs
  • Manage Files Within App
  • Recall, Replace Files
  • Syncing to iPads
  • Total Control

bSource has the following typical customers:

Small Business, Large Enterprises, Public Administrations, Non Profit, Freelancers, Mid Size Business

bSource supports the following languages:


We do not have any information about what devices bSource supports

We do not have any information about what integrations bSource has

We do not have any information about what support options bSource has

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