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QuartzSales is a cloud-based sales tracking solution that helps sales teams communicate and manage daily operations It offers in-depth insights into point-of-sale data (360° view) and centralizes essential information for a strategic outlook at all times.

What are the primary functions of QuartzSales?

Retail Execution:

Routing and Visits: Enhance the sales team's efficiency by optimizing routes and accurately tracking their visits to sales points.

Forms and Data Capture: Record and gather critical field data, including stockouts, shelf share, pricing, and displays, for informed decision-making.

Planograms: Design and manage customized planograms to improve product presentation and increase sales opportunities.

News: Keep the sales team informed about company updates, new products, and promotions to ensure effective communication and drive sales success.

Goals and Incentives: Set clear, measurable goals and motivate the sales team with attractive incentives to achieve outstanding results.

Training: Foster the team's professional development through effective training and ongoing updates to equip them with the best tools and strategies.

Licenses and Replacements: Simplify license and permission management, allocate replacements efficiently, and maintain work continuity.

Indicators: Access key performance indicators to inform strategic decisions, covering aspects like operational efficiency, product assortment, pricing, and more.

Work Team: Manage and visualize information about team members, their roles, and responsibilities to optimize coordination.

Portfolio, Efficient Assortment, and Must-Haves: Analyze and optimize the product portfolio and assortment for each point of sale to improve brand visibility.

Notes: Record and access important notes related to each point of sale to support informed decision-making.

Expirations: Track product expirations to prevent stock loss and optimize inventory rotation.

Sales and Product Stock: Monitor sales and stock levels at each point of sale in real time to make data-driven decisions.

Chain Sellout and Stock: Access up-to-date data on sales and stock levels across different retail chains for comprehensive insights.

Predictive Analysis and Intelligent Task Generation: Utilize predictive analysis to generate intelligent tasks that enhance sales operations efficiency.

Key benefits of QuartzSales

Enhanced Efficiency: QuartzSales enables process optimization, resulting in heightened productivity and time savings for your team.

Informed Decision-Making: By offering a comprehensive and detailed perspective on your POS' performance, you can make strategic choices grounded in real and unbiased data.

Tailored to Your Needs: The QuartzSales platform is adaptable and fully customizable, offering the flexibility to align it with your specific business model and internal procedures.

Improved Visibility at Sales Points: Utilizing QuartzSales allows you to closely monitor visits to sales points, ensuring optimal product presentation and maximizing visibility to drive sales.

Streamlined Collaboration and Communication: QuartzSales fosters communication and collaboration among various teams within your company, facilitating a continuous flow of information and enabling efficient execution of your trade marketing strategies.


QuartzSales Software - QuartzSales
QuartzSales Software - QuartzSales
QuartzSales Software - QuartzSales
QuartzSales Software - QuartzSales
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QuartzSales Software - QuartzSales
QuartzSales Software - QuartzSales
QuartzSales Software - QuartzSales
QuartzSales Software - QuartzSales

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Servicio Quartzsales

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El servicio, disponibilidad y disposicion a armar herramientas de valor de acuerdo a las necesidades del cliente



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QuartzSales offers the following pricing plans:

  • Pricing model: Subscription
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51–200, 201–500, 501–1 000, 1 001–5 000

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English, Spanish

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Android (Mobile), iPhone (Mobile), iPad (Mobile)

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