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Media The Next Generation of Online Video Experiences

Media for the most part is a sunk-cost business model. However, once you have created videos, articles, galleries, and the like, if you can reuse the assets to drive more revenue, it typically becomes a very high-margin exercise. And that’s what RAMP is focused on – how can we help you get more value from your video & other assets.

Enterprise Video is the New Document

The past few years have seen a dramatic increase in the use of video as a communication tool in the enterprise. Thanks to lower production costs, many organizations are seeking ways to exploit video as an attractive alternative to traditional text-based communication for employee collaboration, online training, research, customer service, marketing, and corporate communications. But this growth of enterprise video comes with its own unique set of challenges around how to incorporate video as the new document into the enterprise.

Key benefits of Ramp

Broadcast Indexing & Synchronization

RAMP provides the ability to index and synchronize linear scripted and live television to deliver a complete stream of metadata to power related content and advertising across second screen applications. This metadata is then ingested by RAMP’s MetaQ to execute contextual rules to match related content items, integrate third-party data services, and display relevant advertising. All of this happens in near real-time, delivering the first true synchronized television experience in the market.

Synchronized Content

RAMP’s MetaQ can integrate multiple related content sources, beginning with all of the content from a publishers or broadcasters website. Relevant and related articles, slideshows and video clips can be dynamically presented to end users through our API’s. MetaQ can create well-formed parameterized requests to structured third party content and advertising data API’s such as Stats Inc., ebay and more to show relevant related content. Rich media ad servers such as Innovid or FreeWheel can also be synchronized to the broadcast metadata.

Workflow and Tools

RAMP’s management console provides a complete set of tools for managing lists, rules, and actions to deliver synchronized experienced. The combination of RAMP’s unique algorithms, point and click interfaces and our massively scalable architecture delivers automation and cost-effective solutions to profitably deploy second screen experiences.


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