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Locowise Overview

Locowise provides social media analytics and reporting for brands and agencies, providing the most in-depth, comprehensive insights across all social media channels. The Locowise platform give you with ability to measure and analyse campaigns, optimise posts for engagement and produce reports on all aspects of your social media performance. Comprehensive benchmarking allows you to understand not just your performance but your competitors and peers at both a metric and content level.

Custom dashboards let you bring together the data that matters to you with a simple drag and drop interface. Over 200 charts and metrics from across all your social channels can be brought together and arranged in dashboards you can share with your team. This now includes a whole host of new objects from our hashtag analytics and Facebook ad analytics modules.


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Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China and 5 others, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America

Supported Languages

Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Danish, English, Finnish and 14 others, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Taiwanese, Thai, Turkish

Locowise Reviews

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Locowise is a great social analytic tool!

Reviewed on 2014/06/25
Review Source: GetApp

Locowise is a great platform to easily monitor and understand social analytics and benchmark against competitors. It's very user friendly and gives great depth of data, especially for engagement rates.

The customer services is amazing and they are incredibly quick to listen and respond to feedback which I've had yet to find with other brands. They are always asking for ways to improve and it's great that my suggestions are taken on board, some have even been implemented into the platform.

I would highly recommend this platform for companies that are looking for an effective, quick way to pull together social analytics + track progress.


Easy to use
Lots + lots of great information displayed in a variety of formats (bars, pies, clouds etc)
Great value for money
Excellent engagement analytics + content analysis
Can benchmark against consumers
Really good Twitter insight


Can only compare 3 brands at any one time
Exportable reporting is very basic
Can only extract data in PDF format - not individual images.
Data can take quite a while to load compared to other platforms.
Can't see competitors content.

Response from Locowise

I hope we have now delighted you further since the arrival of v2. Reports now in PDF, PPT, fully exportable data and custom dashboards. Competitors content is also full integrated with analytics within Benchmarking. Thanks for the support!

Aaron G.

Surprisingly brilliant. Didn't expect to be wow'd.

Reviewed on 2014/06/25
Review Source: GetApp

We signed up to a subscription to Locowise last November to help with our month's end reporting. We expected to use it every month for that purpose only, but upon receiving the training given and exploring the software, we use it everyday to refine the content we design and which designers we select for different projects, understand our clientele and, more importantly and surprisingly, learn the trends and work habits of our staff and design softwares we use.
Locowise has comprehensively helped in the day to day running of Aanda and has both saved us money but also allowed us to quantify any returns we may be seeing.
Locowise helps us secure customers and retain them through a series of features, including white label reporting, immediate and updated KPIs and the functionality where we know we are getting deep analytics, but as the platform isn't antagonistic in its style, it works with even the simplest of my interns to help guide them through every step of reporting and learning from quantifiables.


Ease of use
depth of information
White label functionality



Alex B.

A fantstic way to plan content.

Used Weekly for 1-5 months
Reviewed on 2016/06/30
Review Source: GetApp

Locowise's tools have dramatically lightened the load in planning our social content roll-out.

It helps us to see what works, when it will work best, and how to target desired audiences on specific platforms. It is also able see what our competitors are doing to either get out of the way of their content or program against it.

By assessing past success and failures of our own and our competitors content it grows better overtime.


Easily seeing when to post for best results.
Separating out all social accounts to see what works for each product on each platform.
Assessing what works for competitors.
Easy single page stats and reports.


It can be expensive if social media is not a major sources of leads.

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Customer Support

Likelihood to recommend

Thabs R.


Reviewed on 2014/08/11
Review Source: GetApp

Locowise is a great tool: I enjoyed the layout of the reports as well as the ability to schedule content. I also enjoyed that they are able to pull reports over longer periods of time.
I found Louise incredibly helpful and she certainly helped make our Locowise experience more specialised and fruitful.


- Great report layout
- Scheduling
- Optimal scheduling suggestions
- Ability to engage users


- No Google + functionality
- No hashtag tracking

Response from Locowise

We think Louise is pretty cool too!
v2 has had full hashtag analytics since September and Google + is a few weeks away as we deliver YouTube and LinkedIn first.

Thanks for your support

Nikhil K.

Well worth it!

Reviewed on 2014/06/24
Review Source: GetApp

Locowise is great.  Been using it to track my pub and restaurant's social media profiles (Facebook and Instagram mainly) for 6 months now and I've learnt more than I could possibly imagine.  

It helps when understanding what my audience reacts to, what content driving them to book a table with me, and more importantly, what doesn't work.

All I need is to directly connect one table reservation back to the optimisation feature, and it has paid for Locowise for a month or more. I can safely say Locowise is responsible for 5 times more return than I pay for it each month.

Easy to use.  Couldn't recommend it enough. 


- Ease of use
- Clarity of information

Locowise Pricing

Starting from
Pricing options
Free Trial
Value for money

REPORT BUILDER: $495 monthly

REPORT MASTER: $695 monthly

ENTERPRISE: From $1,295

20% discount with yearly plans.

Locowise Features

  • API
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Charting
  • Data Import/Export
  • Data Visualization
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Graphical Data Presentation
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Visual Analytics

  • Ad hoc Reporting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Dashboard Creation
  • Data Filtering
  • Monitoring
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Real Time Data
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Third Party Integration

Additional information for Locowise

Key features of Locowise

  • Campaign Reporting
  • Competitive Benchmarking - Metrics
  • Competitive Benchmarking- Content
  • Facebook Ad Analytics
  • Hashtag Analytics
  • In-depth Profile, Post & Page Analytics
  • Post Labelling
  • Post Timing Optimisation
  • Publishing & Content Calendar
  • Unlimited Custom Dashboards
  • Unlimited Custom Reporting
  • White Label Option As Standard


Locowise provides brands and agencies with a suite of tools to manage and optimise their social channels. In depth analytics of fan/follower growth and demographics is enhanced with a detailed understanding of engagement and reach performance. A Content tool that allows not only extensive analytics of individual post performance but additionally allows you to segment the posts anyway you wish to allow analysis of particular campaigns, product lines or social media teams as examples.

Locowise comes complete with an Optimisation tool that let's you better understand the optimal day and time to post to your fans base on their previous engagement behaviours with all or specific content. Once this is understood, Locowise's Schedule tool will let you automate the posting of your campaign complete with URL shortening, album uploads and even the automated changing of the Facebook cover photo.

Locowise also incorporates a content calendar that allows brands and agencies the ability to implement the workflow around campaign planning, approval and posting.

With Benchmarks in Locowise, you can instantly analyse your performance against that of your peers or competitors. In addition to seventeen separate comparison metrics, you can drill down and compare post by post to a single profile or a group of profiles you define.

Locowise provides impressively flexible reporting with a single button press generating a PDF of your information. When combined with the white label functionality in our Theme Manager, you can produce professional PDF's complete with your own logos and style sheets.

GetApp Analysis

Social media is becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing toolbox for millions of companies around the globe. Locowise is a cloud-based solution that helps these organizations get more from whichever social media channels they choose to utilize.

Designed for page owners big and small, along with agencies and big brands, Locowise provides its users with real-time insights to maximize social media engagement. In addition to providing businesses with tools for monitoring, analyzing, and making informed marketing decisions online, Locowise answers important questions like when is the best time for a company to post, what type of content its fans are looking for, and how its users compare to their competitors based on the interactions taking place on social media.

Posting Summary and Response Rate Summary.

What is Locowise?

Locowise is a tool that organizations can use to get more from social media. The platform analyzes and tracks content performance on popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It also benchmarks performance and generates professional reports for users. Locowise offers optimization tools that let businesses know which days and times they should be posting content—along with which specific types of content they should be posting—in order to gain the most engagement from fans online.

Locowise is known for providing considerable, actionable detail in a clear and concise fashion. Its popularity is largely due to its ability to provide high-level data, all the way down to the granular detail. By using Locowise, businesses can gather comprehensive analytics on their social channel performance. The solution also includes strong peer benchmarking tools, a scheduler that allows for the automation of posting, and a content calendar that integrates into the authorizations workflows for big brands and agencies.

Page Content.

Locowise Main Features

Benchmark Against Competitors

Locowise offers strong competitor benchmarking tools. These tools allow users to not only measure their performance against chosen profiles, but also to drill down to the specific content that’s driving their performance on various social media channels.

To use the benchmarking tool, select the profiles you’d like to track. Locowise will show you which profiles are growing the fastest and which are getting the most likes, comments, shares, and retweets. You can also see which days your competitors’ profiles are most active, what type of content they post, who their top fans are, and which specific words are trending on their pages.

Competitor Benchmarking.

Optimize Content

Using the Optimise tool, Locowise is able to provide its users with a thorough analysis of when the optimal time, day, or week to post to a defined group will be. This analysis is based on the previous engagement history of that defined group with the user’s social media pages.

Drill down to understand how a post you create will likely perform based on the previous day’s activities. Locowise can tell you what the best post type will be, and what time you should post your content to generate the most attention from specific groups of fans. When you add labels back in, you can ask Locowise which day to post content to fans who have previously engaged with a specific campaign, product, or set of posts. This all serves the purpose of helping you to maximize engagement for your posts.

Optimizing Posts.

Boost Fan Engagement

Visit Locowise’s Engagement module to understand your social media performance and continue optimizing your online presence. Through this module, you should be able to see when fans are most engaged with your content and which post types are giving you the best reach.

Increased fan engagement is the ultimate goal of any social media campaign. To improve your stats, follow Locowise’s recommendations and then click on the Engagement module to see how your posts are faring. In addition to showing which types of posts are giving you the best reach, and who your top fans are online, Locowise gives you a way to drill into the underlying data to increase your understanding of how social media is benefiting your organization as a whole.

Average Page Engagement and Reach.

Reviewing the Gain to Loss Metric

Visit the Dashboard to get a deeper look at how your social media pages are performing. With Locowise, you can review any time period and compare to the equivalent period automatically. Every chart and graph displayed on your dashboard is linked to the underlying content, allowing you to drill down for a better understanding of what really drove your performance on a specific day or campaign.

One of the most important features within your dashboard is the Gain to Loss (GtL) metric. The GtL metric has been adopted by many major brands and agencies, as it provides you with a better understanding of the overall performance of your social media campaigns. The GtL metric takes into account your follower/fan increases, along with losses. Follower demographic information, like the gender, location, and referrals, is provided on this page, as well.

Locowise Dashboard.

Locowise Integrations

Although Locowise does not have much of a need to integrate by nature, the company does take in data from a variety of sources. These sources include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Locowise also provides comprehensive outputs, such as Excel, for integration where needed.

Locowise Pricing

Locowise uses a simple pricing plan, charging users per profile. For example, an organization that wants to manage its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles through Locowise could expect to spend $140 per month. Unlike competitors, Locowise does not insist on contracts, and the company does not charge on a per user basis.

Locowise Bottom Line

  • Provides users with real-time insights to maximize social media engagement.

  • Comprehensive suite of tools for reporting and managing social channels.

  • Boosts fan engagement online.

  • Designed for page owners big and small, along with agencies and big brands.

  • Strong competitor benchmarking allows users to measure their performance against chosen profiles.

Locowise FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions for Locowise.

Q. What type of pricing plans does Locowise offer?

Locowise offers the following pricing plans:

Starting from: US$495,00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: Available

REPORT BUILDER: $495 monthly

REPORT MASTER: $695 monthly

ENTERPRISE: From $1,295

20% discount with yearly plans.

Q. What are the main features of Locowise?

Locowise offers the following features:

  • Campaign Reporting
  • Competitive Benchmarking - Metrics
  • Competitive Benchmarking- Content
  • Facebook Ad Analytics
  • Hashtag Analytics
  • In-depth Profile, Post & Page Analytics
  • Post Labelling
  • Post Timing Optimisation
  • Publishing & Content Calendar
  • Unlimited Custom Dashboards
  • Unlimited Custom Reporting
  • White Label Option As Standard

Q. Who are the typical users of Locowise?

Locowise has the following typical customers:

Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profit, Public Administrations, Small Business

Q. What languages does Locowise support?

Locowise supports the following languages:

Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Taiwanese, Thai, Turkish

Q. What type of pricing plans does Locowise offer?

Locowise has the following pricing plans:


Q. Does Locowise support mobile devices?

We do not have any information about what devices Locowise supports

Q. What other apps does Locowise integrate with?

Locowise integrates with the following applications:

Facebook, Hootsuite, Instagram, LinkedIn, Slack, Twitter

Q. What level of support does Locowise offer?

Locowise offers the following support options:

FAQs, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials