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Live Ensure™ protects users by securing and authenticating their identities through a synthesized multi-factor approach. Users are confident that their credentials are protected whilst on your site. Your users are protected from phishing, pharming or man-in-middle attacks. There are no complicated, ineffective tokens and cookies. Users can trust the site or application they are accessing cannot login under their identity without their permission. (Insider attack)

Live Ensure™ protects the site and/or application by guaranteeing that users authenticating are genuine, valid and trusted. Sites are secured against phishing, pharming, man-in-the-middle or man-in-the-browser/trojan/virus attacks outside of their control.

Login is simplified, no need to write complicated authentication logic or sign up for a federated identity solution. Implementing Live Ensure™ means sites no longer need to capture store or use private authentication data .


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United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China, India

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LiveEnsure FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions for LiveEnsure.

LiveEnsure offers the following pricing plans:

  • Pricing model: Free
  • Free Trial: Available

Freemium, Under 20 Users Free. 20+ 99 plus pay as you go for authentications.

LiveEnsure offers the following features:

  • Freemium pricing.
  • LiveEnsure authentication that secures the user and device.
  • Multifactor with no extra dongles or hardware.
  • SAAS- developers mash up the api in five minutes.

LiveEnsure has the following typical customers:

Small Business, Large Enterprises, Public Administrations, Non Profit, Freelancers, Mid Size Business

LiveEnsure supports the following languages:


LiveEnsure supports the following devices:

Android, iPhone, iPad

We do not have any information about what integrations LiveEnsure has

We do not have any information about what support options LiveEnsure has

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