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CloudSigma' s virtualization is based on KVM and includes full CPU instruction set, flexible CPU provisioning, NUMA topology exposure and QEMU VIRTIO (para-visualization). Key differentiators include flexible operating system options, mount-your-own image; hardware layer encryption for storage; decoupling of CPU, RAM and storage; automatic redundancy and fail-over; customized Firewall/Network and a secure data center conforming to strict Swiss data privacy laws. With these enhancements, customers saw a 30 percent increase in performance, which allowed us to drop our prices in 2013 not once, but twice, because of increased efficiency and resource management. CloudSigma also provides Private deployment patching to public cloud, Hybrid deployment as well as a Networking-as-a-Service solution.

Direct private patch/hybrid cloud capability
CloudSigma’s unique private-patching technology was first introduced with the launch of CloudSigma 2.0 in mid-June and was a primary catalyst for Equinix’s subsequent partnership, announced in early July. With CloudSigma’s private-patching capabilities, customers can leverage the elasticity of public cloud with private IP connectivity only; all without performance sapping VPNs. CloudSigma’s ability to closely match customers’ private environments makes it an ideal choice for hybrid hosting.

Firewalls-as-a-Service - advanced network policy management across all cloud locations
With CloudSigma’s new network policies, customers are able to configure and constrain both inbound and outbound traffic while defining these policies in a simple fashion within the Web interface or directly over the API. The policies range from a single rule that blocks all external public IP traffic, to complex schemes that only allow connections to certain ports from a set of IPs. Network policies are saved then applied to one or more virtual servers as required. Furthermore, network policies can be reconfigured and re-applied to running servers without service disruption.

We offer building VPNs from CloudSigma’s infrastructure to customer hosted data centers based on customer requirements.

DNS - reverse DNS
CloudSigma offers configurable reverse DNS records to CloudSigma owned IPs for customer domains.

Public & Private Networking
The VMs have access to the internet by default and also an unlimited number of private LAN interfaces and networks.

Key benefits of CloudSigma Cloud

Fully Independent Scalable Resources
On the CloudSigma platform you can specify exactly how much CPU, RAM, Storage and Bandwidth you require independently. We don’t bundle resources together. If you are a high CPU user for example you won’t have to purchase bundled RAM which you don’t need! If you need a lot of storage but less CPU and RAM likewise no problem. There are no ‘standard‘ server size on the CloudSigma cloud.

Run Any Operating System and Software That You Like
CloudSigma does not place any restrictions on the operating systems or software that you run on your virtual servers. As long as the operating system can run on standard Intel/AMD architecture it will run on CloudSigma.

No Meaningless New Jargon
We provide the same computing resources and networking as traditional dedicated hosting but in a flexible instantly scalable form and with more efficient billing and usage models. Cloud computing doesn’t mean we need new names for old concepts so we keep it simple. A static IP address is called a static IP address, a VLAN is, well, a VLAN etc.

Virtual Servers That Behave like Real Servers
The CloudSigma system is designed so that virtual servers behave like traditional physical servers. Users can start, stop and restart them. Users can mount and unmount drives and customise networking settings like adding a static IP or VLAN.

Guaranteed CPU, RAM and Storage Allocation
CloudSigma uses the latest generation of virtualisation technology which allows it to guarantee fully reserved RAM and storage allocations without over-subscription. We also offer a minimum CPU availability proportional to reserved size. That means the total CPU available on a machine is shared pro-rata between virtual server instances subject to a minimum allocation. At times when the CPU is not fully allocated, virtual server instances on our cloud will actually have MORE CPU allocated to them than the user is paying for. We can’t see any reason to limit the CPU a user receives when there is free CPU and of course that additional CPU allocation is not charged for.

Persistent Servers and Storage
All CloudSigma virtual servers are persistent. Once created whether a server is started or stopped it will remain in that user’s account ready to use. Likewise, all storage is written to a user’s virtual drives. Data written to virtual drives persists and is available in the future whether or not the server that that drive is currently associated with is running or not.

Automatic Redundancy and Fail-over
In the unlikely event that there is a software or hardware failure that causes a host to stop working, the virtual servers will automatically start-up once that failure has been resolved. Most outage events (although rare) last just minutes. Automatic redundancy and fail-over allows our users to configure their virtual servers‘ software to continue working automatically after a server restart ensuring easy management and higher levels of availability. A user can manually reboot a virtual server instance at any time.

Full Control via API or Web Console
CloudSigma’ s philosophy is to give maximum flexibility and control to users of our cloud. We allow all account actions to be executed via our API or innovative web console. Whether you are new to cloud computing or an experienced veteran, you will be able to access and control your virtual server instances and drives on many levels, irrespective of technical ability and experience.

Full SSD Solution
CloudSigma’s new SSD offering is uniquely sold as a utility service at the same price level of just $0.08 per GB per month that its previous magnetic-based storage was priced at. The SSD storage is available unbundled from other resources, including CPU and RAM, so customers can purchase gigabytes and IOPS with minimum guaranteed performance levels, without risking costly over- or under-provisioning.


Business size



United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China and 5 others, India, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Mexico

Supported Languages

English, German, Spanish


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Total features of CloudSigma Cloud: 3

  • API
  • Access Control
  • Receiving


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5 /5
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Customer Support

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Alexandre B.
Overall rating
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Company size: 51-200 Employees
  • Used Daily for 6-12 months
  • Review Source

Overall rating

  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Likelihood to recommend 10.0 /10

Fast, Reliable and with good prices

Reviewed on 2017/04/25


Very fast to select the operational system, select hardware specifications and to deploy the virtual machines.


It would be nice if they had a Data Center in my country with support in my native language as well.

Verified Reviewer
Overall rating
  • Industry: Research
  • Review Source

Overall rating

Impressive Service

Reviewed on 2014/04/13

After going through the free 7 day trial period , I was convinced into buying CloudSigma, being, a...

After going through the free 7 day trial period , I was convinced into buying CloudSigma, being, a pay as you go scheme with flexible and transparent pricing, I found this a good solution for our start up company as dedicated servers are pretty over the edge with pricing.
They hold an excellent customer care support, my queries got resolved in a very short span of time. Cloudsigma provides a great easy to use interface with a full control platform helping customers to create, resize, start and stop virtual services as you wish. With a great level of security and flexibility, and ability to use any working system or software, its great to be using CloudSigma. You have real time access to your hardware statistics and full disk encryption is available. There is hardly anything to complain about and I would recommend this to anyone, try to trial version which is free and get an insight.


1) High performance
2) No downtime noticed so far
3) flexible pricing
4) Full control of servers and software layer
5)Run Any Operating System and Software That You Like
6) Automatic Redundancy and Failover


Nothing really to complain about.

Damir H.
Overall rating
  • Review Source

Overall rating


Reviewed on 2014/04/11

Over the past few months I’ve been using Cloud Sigma after they introduced a 7 day trial which was...

Over the past few months I’ve been using Cloud Sigma after they introduced a 7 day trial which was fantastic as it showed me what I could do, how I could do it and why they are better than their competitors.

I’ve got to say, after my trial I was truly impressed and decided to give them a shot! I’ve now been a customer for over 4 months and have never had any issues. If I’ve had any questions to ask, as I’m not a very technical person and all this is new to me, customer services have been right there, professional and easy to talk to.

I started off with a small server size and because Cloud Sigma is flexible, no fixed server sizes, I can upgrade and downgrade whenever I wish – dependent on my needs. This I found unique as sometimes I do need less and sometimes a little more.

With an easy to use calculator, I can work out how much it is going to cost me per month and I can tweak my server based on what I can afford.

Storage is fantastic, as they use SSD (Solid State Drives) I know that it is of high quality, fast and the results that it provides are amazing.

With an easy to use system, perfect uptime and fantastic overall service I would definitely recommend Cloud Sigma over all of the other companies that I have used in the past.

Brittany N.
Overall rating
  • Industry: Staffing & Recruiting
  • Review Source

Overall rating

Great service! Give it a try.

Reviewed on 2014/04/16

I’ve been using Cloud Sigma after I googled for a 7 day trial. It showed me what I could do with...

I’ve been using Cloud Sigma after I googled for a 7 day trial. It showed me what I could do with it. I’ve got to say, after my trial I really loved it and decided to give it a go. I’ve been with them for a few months now and have never had any issues. One time I had a question about something that I wasn't doing correctly and customer services was just amazing and so down to earth but also professional as can be. I change computers and stuff I use often and am happy that with Cloud Sigma there is no set server sizes, I can upgrade and downgrade whenever and I love that. It's affordable and worth it. I highly recommend them. They really are better than their competitors.


Great customer services.
Great trial
No set server size
Can upgrade and downgrade server


Have to pay for it after free trial

Robin H.
Overall rating
  • Industry: Entertainment
  • Review Source

Overall rating

Honestly, I think that the service is great

Reviewed on 2014/04/10

I work as a self-employed blogger/freelancer and I have used this cloud app for quite awhile....

I work as a self-employed blogger/freelancer and I have used this cloud app for quite awhile. Honestly, I think that the service is great, I had a few problems in the beginning but customer service did a great job in helping a beginner like me out!

Overall the app itself is solid and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of purchasing.


Great service
Easy To Use
Decent Price


non so far.

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CloudSigma Cloud FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions for CloudSigma Cloud.

CloudSigma Cloud offers the following pricing plans:

  • Pricing model: Free, Subscription
  • Free Trial: Available

We offer a 7-day no obligation free trial! We bill based on computing resources used in simply units. Our main products are CPU, RAM, data storage and data transfer. We have discounts for longer subscription periods and on-demand prices. Billing in Euros, Swiss Francs, US Dollars and Pounds.

CloudSigma Cloud offers the following features:

  • Automatic Redundancy and Failover
  • Fast European network
  • Firewall/Network Policy Creation&Customization
  • Full Control via API or Web Console
  • Full SSD solution
  • Full control of servers and software layer (use any OS)
  • Full disk encryption available
  • Guaranteed CPU, RAM and Storage Allocation
  • High security location in Zurich, Switzerland
  • High security locations in the Unites States
  • Hybrid cloud features
  • In-browser VNC access
  • NUMA topology
  • Persistent Storage and Servers
  • Private patching
  • Public patching
  • Run Any Operating System and Software That You Like

CloudSigma Cloud has the following typical customers:

Small Business, Large Enterprises, Public Administrations, Non Profit, Freelancers, Mid Size Business

CloudSigma Cloud supports the following languages:

English, German, Spanish

We do not have any information about what devices CloudSigma Cloud supports

We do not have any information about what integrations CloudSigma Cloud has

CloudSigma Cloud offers the following support options:

FAQs, Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials

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