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Enterprise Enabler is an Agile Integration Software built on the .NET framework: A code-less design studio that graphically represents the process workflow while bringing rule-based intelligence in a single unified develop, test, deploy and monitor environment. Providing a bi-directional, embeddable, brandable, multi-path and multi-point integration while continually monitoring events for pro-active correction and real-time update.

Data Transformation

•Decoupled architecture supports pluggable .NET components and snippets
•Transformation engine handles many-to-many in mixed relational and hierarchical formats
•Multi-mode engine supports data streaming or batch transformations
•No data caching in memory transformations
•Data format agnostic architecture for handling virtually any format

Development Environment

•Rich process designer for modeling business and data workflows
•Visual data mapper for complex mixed relational and hierarchical input and output
•Reusable processes, business rules, functions and inline .NET code
•Graphical metadata builder for processes, mapping, and endpoint schemas
•Full support for .NET framework 3.5, VB.NET and C#
•Code editor with familiar Visual Studio like syntax highlighting and code completion support
•Secure, role-based accessibility with full logging and audit trails


•Both EAI & ETL in one product
•Supports, (but does not require) any standard protocol for application integration (SOAP, FTP, HTTP, etc.)
•Powerful transformation engine handles many-to-many in mixed relational and hierarchical formats
•Implement real-time, transactions, batch, any frequency or trigger
•AppComm technology provides high speed native connectivity to proprietary formats
•Visually relate heterogeneous data sources by easily building relationships

Process Designer & Engine

•An open and extensible RAD tool for building complex workflows and integration solutions
•Participating process nodes and applications are not limited to web services
•Includes pre-built process nodes that help accomplish individual activities (invoke a Web Service, FTP, encryption, etc.)
•Exhaustive process validation at design time results in less run time errors
•Visually define transactions and compensating activities
•Visually define process flow using decision nodes (if, switch, parallel, etc.)
•Easy "one-click" process deployment

Extend Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and 2010 Connectivity

With Enterprise Enabler now you can create application data mash-ups in SharePoint in less than 1 day compared to weeks or even months with any other ETL/EAI technology on the market. In addition other ETL/EAI technologies require thousands of lines of code to accomplish what Enterprise Enabler can with ZERO code. This means you can gain orders of magnitude reduction in integration time and follow-on maintenance costs.

Enterprise Enabler fulfills the promise of SharePoint as a collaboration tool by bring to life the Business Data Catalog (BDC) in SharePoint Server 2007 and the Business Connectivity Services (BCS) in SharePoint Server 2010. The BDC enables portal web parts to include data from external Line of Business (LOB) applications. The BCS augments the BDC by allowing bi-directional information flow. These capabilities, extended by Enterprise Enabler, provide any organization the ability to connect all of its mission-critical external data sources to the BDC or BCS.

Benefits of SharePoint implementations integrated through EE

Ability to move and align data to and from any source without programming
Greatly simplifies data handling into and out of applications built on SharePoint
Deliver a seamless and transparent deployment into the SharePoint environment
Ability to select data from SharePoint lists and map to and from any corporate or niche application
Eliminate customization or intrusive modifications to the SharePoint portal platform

Key benefits of Enterprise Enabler

Data and information integration or migration will always be a frustrating requirement and an obstacle for distinctive decision making or for crafting an efficient process or workflow . . . whether you operate in a cloud or mainframe, in a lab or on the shop floor.

Legacy tools labeled ETL, EAI, EII, Adapters or Widgets gather outside of an organization’s natural processes, applications or infrastructure while delivering simply static, heavily handed and limited functionality. This grants the consultants their long-term engagements and allows for a never satisfied scope of effort.

Now contemplate Enterprise Enabler which embraces the concept and architecture of Agile Integration Software (AIS). This delivers a complete and naturally integrated ecosystem where data, applications and processes continually interact and constantly collaborate. AIS is an organic approach that realizes that an organization’s data and processes are not static onetime events but fluid and will benefit from full duplex, embeddable, multi-path and point integration while continually monitoring events for pro-active correction and real-time update.

The resulting organically integrated ecosystem delivers a continual process of current information and improved decision making at a fraction of the legacy tool cost and overhead.
Additionally, discover the time saving and expense reducing properties native to Enterprise Enabler. Benefit from a codeless solution that auto discovers and continually monitors the actual data or objects from the point of initial capture to final integration. Benefit from a programmer-less design studio that graphically represents the process workflow while bringing rule-based intelligence in a single unified develop, test, deploy and monitor environment. Clip-on external applications or technologies at any node in the process to enhance, convert, verify or present the integrated ecosystem to advance the value of the organization. Organically monitor data integrity by eliminating bulky staging, limited function, and static adapters that ensures enterprise access, accuracy and timeliness.

Your integrated data ecosystem is available immediately with Enterprise Enabler advancing organizational excellence and enhancing corporate competitiveness for generations to come.

AppComms: An altogether different technology than Adapters.

AppComm technology provides the next-generation and natural alternative to the static character of Adapters. It is the connectivity mechanism found in Enterprise Enabler to communicate with various applications and data sources, regardless of the platform on which they reside. AppComms are part of an integrated ecosystem, an Agile Integration Software that decouples the knowledge of how to connect to a particular type of application or data source from the assumptions about the specific instance providing an interactive data habitat that monitors, adapts and communicates. AppComms automate the discovery of data schema for any application or data store. Once discovered it will save this as metadata which provides the ability to have a virtual connection with a real-time and on-demand access to the data to start leveraging the aggregation of data.

Unlike a connector or adaptor, which is hard coded, an AppComm is used to connect to the schema of the given system. By doing this, the AppComm can monitor the schema live, should anything change, and notify the owner or administrator of the change. With an adaptor or connector, should the schema change, then the adaptor or connector will need to be recoded.

The AppComm is built with a model driven architecture, when connecting to any backend system or applications they are connected live and discovering the schema of the objects of interested. Any customization to the objects recognized without any coding. That schema information is stored as metadata so there is never a need to compile and deploy assemblies when creating or modifying a dynamic


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Total features of Enterprise Enabler: 9

  • Dashboard
  • Data Management
  • Data Transformation
  • ETL Tools
  • Expense Tracking
  • Labeling
  • Monitoring
  • Real-time Updates
  • Widgets



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